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  • 5316-5320 New York 212 Mt Tremper, NY 12457, USA - Shandaken
    4 corners of Mt. Tremper has no road sign for "Wittenberg Road."
  • Rt 28 From 214/Phoenicia Turn Off To Rt 42 Shandaken, NY 12480, USA - Shandaken
    Route 28 from rt 214 / Phoenicia turn off to rt 42 has numerous potholes that need to be patched. called the dot about 2 weeks ago and no action yet. If they had repaved this section of rt 28 last year instead of the section from Mt Tremper to Phoenicia which did not need it as bad as this section did and still does it would not be as bad as it is now! It is like driving an obstacle course you at times have to go in the opposing lane to avoid the holes. Right after the 214/ Phoenicia turn off is a large hole on the right which instead of fixing they just put a barrel over . why they cannot fix the hole is beyond me it has been that way for at least 2 weeks now. Dot start doing your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • potholes Archived
    Rt 28 - Shandaken
    Very deep pothole just past entrance to main street Phoenicia approximately 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile and it is on the west bound side.also numerous potholes from that point on both east and westbound sides of Rt 28 up to State Rt 42. If they had repaved this section last year like they should have instead of wasting the money on repaving from Mt Tremper to the entrance to main street Phoenicia by the eagle there would not be this problem now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • State Route 28 Shandaken, NY 12410, USA - Shandaken
    Has anyone noticed the brand new pavement laid down in August on Route 28 has already started to break up from Pine Hill to Glenford? By next year it will look like it did before the paving !!!!!! NYS DOT better get on this one and take a ride and look at the seams as well as other in-lane potholes-to-be!!! The pavement retains water and never seems to dry after it rains like the old pavement did so it's no wonder it's heaving in the cold weather.
  • 5299-5351 New York 28 Phoenicia, NY 12464, USA - Shandaken
    Route 28 from Mount Tremper to Highmount is a DISASTER.
    The entire road looks like it's been BOMBED. Think I'm exaggerating? Take a ride! People have had near misses and probably accidents trying to avoid these crevasses. How many residents have had additional expensive car repairs due to Ulster County's NEGLECT?
  • 5200 New York 28 mount tremper, NY 12457, USA - Shandaken
    hanover farms -illegal business -people blocking view and pulling into traffic without seeing, stopping in the highway, backing up on the highway
  • State Route 28 Shandaken, NY - Shandaken
    There are numerous LARGE pot holes from Shandaken to the other side of Phoenicia heading
    east on state Rt 28.
    My car is taking a daily beating,
    knocked out alignment, etc.
    It is very dangerous as cars try to navigate around the holes into opposite lane.
    It has been going on for years.
    When will the road be re-paved verses trying to throw some patch down which does not last?
  • Pot Holes Archived
    6790-6890 New York 28 Phoenicia, NY 12464, USA - Shandaken
    There are several dangerous pot holes on State Route 28 all through the town of Shandaken to the Phoenicia entrance.
  • State Route 42 Shandaken, NY 12480, USA - Shandaken
    Many potholes on state route 42 from route 28 to green county line. And when are they going to fix the dips at both sides of all the bridges between route 28 and the green county line. I called the DOT on them for the first time 2 years ago and still nothing has been done.
  • 768 Wittenberg Rd Mt Tremper, NY 12457, USA - Shandaken
    Wittenberg Road was repaved months ago. The Highway Dept. has not repainted the yellow center lines nor the white fog lines since the work was completed. Great job on the repavement but people are passing in areas that are not safe, and it is very difficult to drive in bad weather or night. It's a school bus route so let's at least keep it safe for the kids.
  • Traver Hollow Rd Boiceville, NY 12412, USA - Shandaken
    People come flying up and down this road all day and all night doing speeds in excess of 45 miles an hour. There are little kids who live and play on this road which also may I add has quite a few blind curves. no marked speed limit..what is it going to take a child getting ran over for the town to do something. The messed up part is its not just everyday people speeding its also the DEP and the forest ranger.
  • Rt 214 Chichester, NY - Shandaken
    This section of Rt 214 needs attention!! It's ruining my car. You have to almost come to a complete stop to get through it!
    Still a mess. The front suspension on my car is totally shot. My car is ruined. The whole lenght of Rt.214 needs resurfacing!