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  • 2560 W Ridge Pike Trooper, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    Why is there only one Left Turn light going from N. Trooper onto W. Main St ? If you are on Main St in either direction and trying to turn Left on Trooper Rd, you can't do it until the light turns yellow/red !!! Also, you can't turn left from S. Trooper Rd onto E. Main St !
  • 51 S Whitehall Rd Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    A stop sign is needed at the corner of South Whitehall Road and Butler Ave to control the speed of traffic when rounding the corner.
  • S Whitehall Rd And Butler Ave - West Norriton
    restricted traffic signs needed during specified hours: S Whitehall Rd, Wakefield Rd, Evergreen Rd, Butler Ave. These roads are a major cut through to Schuylkill Ave southbound.
  • 205 N Whitehall Rd Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    I thought Montgomery County was all set to widen southbound Whitehall Road to make room for a new left-turn lane onto Sterigere Street. Right now south-bound traffic backs up for half a mile trying to get through the light at Sterigere. Is the left turn lane going to happen or not?
  • Potholes Archived
    Boulevard Of The Generals Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    The entire length of the Blvd of the Generals is filled with potholes.
  • 2028 Davis Dr Norristown Pa - West Norriton
  • Trooper Rd And Egypt Rd Norristown, Pa - West Norriton
    I am tired of other drivers getting in the right turn only lane once you cross over Trooper Rd only to try and beat out the drivers following the law of the road. Not only do they dangerous cut people off they will travel at high rates of speed to get ahead of you
  • 1901-1999 Eagle Dr Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    Where are the Tax dollars going?. How can anyone drive through Norristown High School without hitting continous potholes. They want to build a new stadium. How about fixing the road??
  • 601 Forrest Ave Norristown, PA 19401, USA - West Norriton
    This bush is on the property of Stewart Middle School and prevents individuals from turning right on red at the stop light. This is not a high risk area and the light is too long to sit and wait at constantly.
  • 120 Lincoln Terrace West Norriton, PA - West Norriton
    Township needs to install 2 stop signs at the corner of Williams Way and Lincoln Terrace to make it a 3-way stop. People use route as a cut through and don't even stop at the one stop sign already there. Lincoln Terrace needs to be repaved. It is a mess! Tons of potholes that haven't onlty gotten patch jobs the past few years.
  • 198 Egypt Rd Norristown, PA 19403, USA - West Norriton
    It would be nice to have a traffic light at the corner of Port Indian Rd and Egypt Rd. It would slow down traffic so that you could make a right or left in a timely matter. There have been several accidents at this intersection.
  • Chestnut Ave. norristown, PA 19403 - West Norriton