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  • Sheafe Rd & Old Post Rd. Town Of Poughkeepsie NY 12601, Poughkeepsie (Town), NY 12601, USA - Crown Heights
    Intersection of Sheafe Rd and Old Post Road in all three directions is filled with large potholes. Old Post Rd, east and west direction up to Pok. Galleria; Sheafe Rd. , going north and south directions up to Sheafe Rd. Trailer Park. Needs immediate attention by Town of Poughkeepsie Highway Dept.
  • 512 State Highway 55 Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    Both lanes from EB before Rocking Horse Ranch all the way to Baileys Gap Road - LOADED with craters, the type that damage cars!
    VERY SERIOUS: E/B 44/55 (where the red marker is located) is a "patch job" that is far from even with the rest of the pavement; it is like drving up and down a cliff and broke my left side, front & back suspension (front stabilizer link & rear strut) going 40 mph.
  • U.S. 9 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    I take the midhudson bridge home from work. Almost every day drivers that are coming onto rte 9 from rte 55 ignore the yield sign at the bottom of the ramp making for an extremely dangerous merge condition for traffic exiting rte 9 north, onto the bridge. It is a very poorly designed intersection made 1000 time worse by people going right thru the yield sign...I've even seen Dutchess Co Sheriffs do it on more than one occasion. I've heard it argued that if you're not merging onto rte 9 north the sign doesn't apply to you? I don't understand this logic....a yield sign is a yield sign it isn't for just some vehicles. The exact same condition applies for the intersection coming off the bridge (eastbound) turning onto rte 9... Where are the police?
  • 3650 Us Highway 9w Highland, NY 12528, USA - Highland
    Some serious holes coming out of Tractor Supply in Highland.. Could do real bad damage to your vehicle. Be careful
  • 500-510 State Highway 55 Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    Potholes, sides of road worn away (EB/WB), with road flooding (poor to no road drainage).
    This goes from Baileys Gap Road to Rocking Horse Ranch.
    Use EXTREME caution in either direction.
  • Scheafe Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 - Dutchess County
  • Southbound On Ramp To Mid-Hudson Bridge Poughkeepsie, NY - Poughkeepsie
    People traveling N bound on 9 getting onto the bridge are NOT yielding to the S bound traffic getting onto the bridge
  • Bellevue Road Highland, NY 12528, USA - Ulster County
    Keep patching huge holes
    and it is out before the trucks
    and men leave the road. Men
    seem to stand around doing
    nothing waiting for some kind
    of stuff to put in holes.
  • United States - Dutchess County
    There needs to be an ALL WAY Stop sign at the intersection of Marist Drive and North Rd/Washington Street. There is currently a three way stop but this isn't good enough. Some people navigate this intersection with great difficulty.
  • 341-347 U.S. 9 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Dutchess County
    Cars coming down sharon drive entering rt 9 north,run into a pot hole when turning north.
  • Parker And Washington St. Poughkeepsie, NY - Poughkeepsie
    It is almost impossible to safely exit Parker Ave right or left.
  • 60 Academy St Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    Looked like it might have been a hole or ditch left over from construction but it sounded like my car bottomed out after I rounded the corner from 44/55.