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  • Deep pothole Archived
    30 Briarcliff Ave Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    Corner of Vassar Rd & North Jackson. More problematic when filled with water and not visible.
  • Old Post Rd. Pok. NY 12601 - Dutchess County
    Old Post Road, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601
    Both east and west sides of road between Sheafe Rd and the Galleria
    are filled with potholes
  • Barnard And Platt Poughkeepsie, NY - Poughkeepsie
    Four-way stop signs are consistently ignored. Many do not even slow down.
  • 120-142 Fletcher Dr N Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Orange Lake
    The concrete on this entire span of the bridge that carries Fletcher Dr North over I84 is a pathetic mess and has been for years. The Re-bar is exposed under the concrete in many potholes. Apparently the 2 yr job of painting the bridges is more important than safety. Glad our taxes are going to paint and overtime rather than much needed improvements.
  • 8 Veatch Street - Wappingers Falls
    I own the house on the corner of Veatch and Paggi, opposite the WFJrH football field. I welcome the sports teams that have daily practices, and enjoy the spirit and hard work of both children and coaches. However, I find the parking signs in the neighborhood, particularly the last block of Veatch St., are routinely and consistently ignored. This seems to be a hazard, especially at the end of practice or games when there are crowds leaving and the roads are constricted. Moreover, there seems to be little attempt by police patrols to enforce the parking laws. I would welcome some warnings and/or ticketing of cars if warnings have no effect so that the parking signs are obeyed. Finally, there is parking on the grass upper field near the Jr. High, which seems to me to be dangerous at night as it is poorly lit and parking is unregulated. I think the village and school disctrict might consider the liability risk should a vehicle/pedestrian accident occur.
  • Jefferson St Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    Potholes, pavement bumps (NOT aka speedbumps), pavement separated into sections... all to the demise of the cars we try to maintain!
  • Wilbur Blvd & Spackenkill Rd Poughkeepsie, NY - Spackenkill
    bike route heading east on spackenkill is ill maintained. Needs cleaning and repaving in many spots. UPDATE: 4/29/13 Although it appears there has been some street cleaning the section by Wilbur is still unusable heading east. Needs repaving and leveling. You must still ride out ON Spackenkill road in order to pass that section.
  • 79 Camelot Road - Dutchess County
    There are numerous pot holes from one end of the street to the otherand large areas where the road is sinking down near number 73.
    The town has fixed some holes and left all the rest!!
    The town filled some potholes but left some and of course by now the ones that weren't taken care of properly are coming back. The mess near 73 Camelot is still a mess!
  • 1132-1164 N Rd Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Dutchess County
    The merge at this intersection where the 2 South-bound Rt 9D lanes end after the traffic light causes drag racing between drivers to the merge, and when the merge comes nobody is willing to give. This lane needs to be terminated before the traffic light.
  • 2 Helene Terrace Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Balmville
    huge potholes allover this one-way!
  • 1773-1799 Albany Post Rd Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Dutchess County
    On the Rt. 9 bridge over Wappinger Lake there is a hole in the cement at the center lane on the north bound lanes.
  • 90-92 S Hamilton St Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    A sewer line and a gas line were replaced this winter. These areas need to be properly resurfaced. especially the one towards the curb.