ENAP to Hyde Park

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  • Sheafe Rd Approaching Delavergne Ave. Wappingers Falls, NY, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Wappingers Falls
    South lane of Sheafe Road has a large pot hole approaching Delavergne ave. and also making the turn from Sheafe Rd onto Delavergne Ave. both the east and west lanes have large pot holes
  • Columbus And Mill Poughkeepsie, NY - Poughkeepsie
    There is a stop sign on Columbus at the corner of Mill. It is very rare that anyone actually stops there. There are so many accidents there because people blow the stop sign constantly. I'm sick of calling 911. If a cop sat there for 1 hour per day, they would make a days wages in tickets!!
  • Wenliss Terrace And Route 9 South Wappingers Falls, NY - Wappingers Falls
    There are presently signs posted here but they are ridiculously posted very near the intersection with Route 9. These signs need to be moved back at least 25 feet into Wenliss Terrace to prevent cars from parking near the intersection and causing cars to go around them posing a potential for an accident with cars entering Wenliss Terrace.
  • 1773-1799 Albany Post Rd Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, USA - Dutchess County
    On the Rt. 9 bridge over Wappinger Lake there is a hole in the cement at the center lane on the north bound lanes.
  • County Rd 35 And Main St Fishkill, NY - Fishkill
    The intersection is way overcapacity... the Poughkeepsie circles have been unpopular, but it could work here to maintain a constant flow. The No Turns on Red are asinine and serve no purpose.
  • Entire bridge Archived
    120-142 Fletcher Dr N Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Orange Lake
    Entire bridge needs to be re-done. The re-bar is is exposed in numerous places under the concrete. But keep painting the bridges it must be way more important.
  • 2 Helene Terrace Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Balmville
    huge potholes allover this one-way!
  • Between Lincoln Ave And Columbia Street franklin street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    one day i went across street and the truck never stop at stop sign also there are to many kids around there no traffic light there should have one so cars can slow down instead stop
  • State Highway 113 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Spackenkill
    Paint srtiped arrows on the road to indicate that it is a right lane to left lane merge or move the sign farther west so drivers see it sooner than the school. Drivers in the right lane feel they have the right away and do not yeild to those in the left lane. This is an accident waiting to happen. I did get sideswiped there once already
  • River Road North And Old State Road Wappingers, NY - Dutchess County
    Too man close calls for cars at the 2 stop signs that don't realize that south boud Old State Rt traffice does not have to stop. Dangerous.
  • 2 Waring Rd Newburgh, NY 12550, USA - Gardnertown
    pothole2011 on bridge between Old South Plank Road and Shady Lane
  • Hwy 9 Poughkeepsie, NY - Poughkeepsie
    Getting on Mid-Hudson bridge exit (on left) coming from the north on Rt 9...very deep pot hole, almost unavoidable. May cause damage to cars.