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  • 746 E 6th 1/2 St Houston 77007, United States - Greater Heights
    Neighborhood filed a SMLSA and received minimum votes in favor. Owner has constructed a parking lot in violation of the prohibition against use changes during the proposal window and did so without any permitting.
  • Street Hazard Archived
    829 Yale St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    We would like our sidewalk back
  • 731 E 27th St Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    Way overgrown
  • 610 Oxford St Houston 77007, United States - Greater Heights
    Urban Genesis aka UG Oxford at 610 Oxford. This company has not received all permits in order to begin construction. Also, construction is beginning prior to 7 am on the weekday.
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    707heights Boulevard - Greater Heights
    Stop sign is on the on bike trail at intersection of 7th street and Heights Boulevard, facing east. ON the boulevard.
  • 726 E 26th St Houston 77009, United States - Greater Heights
    Way overgrown. Mosquito haven
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    2050 Arlington St Houston 77008, United States - Greater Heights
    Graffiti stop sign northbound on Arlington at E 22 nd
  • Other Acknowledged
    835 E 27th St Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    Please do something about this as it's very unsafe
  • Other Archived
    2322 Everett St Houston 77009, United States - North
    There are multiple U-Haul trucks parked on Everett Street consistently. They face south between Morris and Quitman on Everett. At first we thought someone was moving, but the trucks have been there for weeks. When we finally drove past the intersection of Everett and Quitman, we noticed a company that seems to keep U-Hauls on their premises (maybe they rent them to people). The trucks are parked at an intersection which has seen multiple accidents over the past six months, and they impede the view of drivers on Morris driving west and approaching Everett. The trucks should not be parked on a residential street for their business purposes.
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    2606 Link Rd Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    during the heavy rains Wednesday a lake formed in front of my house. there are two drains and still the water was high for over an hour.
  • sidewalk Closed
    306 North St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
    the sidewalks on the North Street bridge on both sides are covered in plant debris and trash making it difficult for pedestrians to use the sidewalk safely. this is continually an issue and needs to be maintained regularly.
  • 1008 Gibbs St Houston 77009, United States - Greater Heights
    Produce company leaving out rotting food, garbage and abandoned vehicles. stinks and attracting rodents