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  • 3208-3212 Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    A man at this location has a yard sale every Saturday. He spills his items onto the public sidewalk and sits in the road with a sign trying to get people to stop. This has become a business/street vendor, not a yard sale.
  • 2917 West Grace St Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    There have been feral cats allowed to come and go as they please, via a cat door in the back of the house, for the last two years I have been living on this street. Up to 15 at times. The home is owned, but unoccupied. The owner comes by sporadically and dumps cat food into bowls in the back yard and leaves opend canned cat food laying about as well. The smell (especially during the hotter days) is foul to the point where I am unable to enjoy my own front porch. I can only imagine the state of the interior, as the exterior is overrun with weeds and the garden has become a litterbox.
  • Potholes Archived
    10 N. Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Please grade the the alley the runs from 2 N. Boulevard to 24 N. Boulevard. The potholes are getting quite large.
  • 2907 Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - Carytown
    There has been an unsightly, uncovered hottub on the roof of the garage at 2907 Ellwood Ave for multiple years. It holds water and becomes a terrible breeding area for mosquitos during the warmer months.
  • 3100 Block Ellwood Ave. Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District

    Numerous units on the 3100 block of Ellwood Ave. are leaving recycling bins on the sidewalk and other public right of ways.

    Richmond Code §31-23;
    Ordinance # 2007-230-275,
    § 1, 11-26-2007

    Both state the City will enforce the garbage supercans and recycling bins left out passed their allowed times. Furthermore, the latter states that it is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works (Richmond City Agency) to assess the civil penalty of $50 per receptacle left out per day.

  • Potholes Archived
    3143 Grove Avenue Richmond, VA 23221, USA - The Museum District
    Ridiculous, enlarging potholes are in the Floyd-Grove Alley between Auburn and Belmont.
  • 3407 Grove Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    The large elm tree in front of 3407 & 3405 Grove Ave is diseased and dying, dropping dead limbs and branches on pedestrians, cars and on nearby porch roofs. Placed a ticket with 311 over two months ago - requisition number 2002.0992.703
  • 8 N. Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Please pick up this pile of brush
  • 3105 Patterson Ave. Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Alley is filled with potholes, mud and water drainage problems. Pretty much no gravel remains. Needs to be regraded and graveled. Thank you
  • 3100 Block Of Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Recycling was picked up yesterday and the bins are still out. Shown here is 3139 and 3141 Ellwood Ave.
  • 2900 Monument Avenue Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    On Sunday mornings, churchgoers are permitted to park along the Monument Avenue median on the immediate blocks east and west of the Boulevard. When Monument Ave was repaved 18-24 months ago, the block between Boulevard and Sheppard St. was incorrectly re-striped. Though the street is wide enough to accommodate cars parked along interior and exterior medians as well as all four lanes of traffic, the pavement markings were incorrectly replaced. The problem is that when cars are parked on Sunday mornings, two lanes are forced to merge into one as they approach the Boulevard. I have seen several near-fender benders as a result. The lanes simply need to be re-striped to what they originally were before the recent re-surfacing took place.
  • 3430 Ellwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    A large branch broke from yesterday's storm and is hanging precariously over the sidewalk. This is a heavily used sidewalk.