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  • 14833 Skyline Boulevard Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    The Skyline Blvd section between Keller Ave and Grass Valley Road has become a "go to" spot for illegal dumping. Every day i see more and more garbage accumulating there!! I highly recommend doing a weekly sweep to keep that section clean! thanks
  • 4292 Keller Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Sequoyah
    Pile of debris partially blocking westbound right lane of Keller Ave
  • Elysian Fields Dr Oakland 94605, United States - Sequoyah
    Kitchen size trash bag dumped at entrance to Graeagle St. from Keller Avenue. Appears to contain a dead bird or bird parts, possibly a turkey
  • 12645 Brookpark Rd Oakland 94619, United States - Skyline-Hillcrest Estates
    Three foot square hole in middle of street due to poor job by preciouses owners sewer repair job. Hole keeps getting wider and deeper
  • 4800 Stacy St Oakland 94605, United States - Chabot Park
    An abondoned/inoperabe food truck has been parked in front of 4801 Stacy Street, Oakland since March 2018. The food truck has the front windows blocked with cardboard and/or other material; and lots of debris has gathered underneath it through the months. The vehicle is being stored on the city street. License #: 4H10056.
  • 15063 Skyline Boulevard Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Dead Dog Dumped near the water tower just by the parking lot on Skyline.
  • 21 Marvin Ct Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Chabot Park
    Microwave oven. West side of frontage road, near a fire hydrant.
  • 15835 Skyline Blvd Oakland 94605, United States - Chabot Park
    At public parking at EBMUD reservoir: Massive dump site: bagged garbage, beer bottles, rolls of plastic sheeting, wood, other.
    Tire across the street.
  • 4700–4930 Redwood Rd Oakland 94619, United States - Caballo Hills
    Leaking Hydrant - it is dripping steadily and water is running down the gutter.
  • 12181 Skyline Blvd Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Skyline-Hillcrest Estates

    I "adopted" this drain on Skyline across the street from the high school (in the north bound lane on the west side of the street), but the problem is not on the surface, the actual drain is clogged below the grate and thus I cannot fix it. Can the city come out and clear out the drain? It floods 100% of the time and as you can see from the picture, it still has standing water even when the sun is out. My number if needed: 415.302.8968


  • 145 Mountain Valley Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    guard rail
  • 12400 Skyline Blvd Oakland, California - Skyline-Hillcrest Estates
    some fog lights that mark the edge of skyline blvd are out -a recipe for future accidents some foggy night. Anyone maintaining them?