Brick Public Works

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2010-06-16

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  • Route 88 East And Vanzile Road Intersection Brick, NJ - Brick
    Left turn signal badly needed on Route 88 East if turning left onto VanZile Road. Traffic westbound on Route 88 West too heavy to allow more than one or two cars to make the turn.
  • 412 Mantoloking Road Brick, NJ - Brick
    Different cars in and out at all hours stopping for only 5 -10 minutes at a time. Rolling papers and a rolled up dollar bill found outside residence
  • Cambridge Walk Development - Brick
    vehicles traveling in excess of 25 mph, failure to stop at stop signs and failure to stop for children and school buses.
  • Millbrook Rd Brick, NJ - Brick
    People will cut down millbrook rd to avoid the light at Sally Ike/Herbertsville and lanes mill/Herbertsville and subsequently through the apartments at very high rates of speed. Is there a way to get speed bumps? Children play on the street and sidewalk often and the road is curvy, causing blind spots.
  • GRAFFITI Archived
    New Jersey 70 Brick, NJ - Brick
    Heading East on Rt. 70. LARGE amounts of GANG GRAFFITI on divider. This is very upsetting to me. Mayor STOP the GANGS. Take down traffic cameras and invest in POLICE OFFICERS - PEOPLE!!!!
  • Pine Tree Drive - Brick
    Pine Tree Drive in Brick Riddled with Pot Holes
  • 43 Cleveland Ave Brick Township, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    The street is covered with a streak of white paint. It looks like it leaked from the back of the garbage truck.
    Also, there hasnt been a leaf pickup in the whole neighborhood.
  • Garden State Parkway 08723 - Brick
    I'd like the State to start a campign to get drives to Keep Right except to pass! while on the Parkway.
  • 711-713 Maple Ave Brick Township, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Maple Ave. is a small two lane road that acts as a cut through to two larger roads (Burnt Tavern & Herbertsville) and the posted speed limit is 35 MPH. Cars commonly drive 50-60 MPH along this stretch where people walk along side this road. The speed limit must be enforced or people will die!
  • Mantoloking & Laurel Avenue Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick
    On average at least one car accident at this intersection. This has to stop. There are children that play on this street. What will it take to get a light a here? A childs death?
  • 953 Lynnwood Ave Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick
  • Pot hole Archived
    953 Lynnwood Ave Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick
    They fill it in, and two weeks later it's bigger than it was originally. It is now starting to form a second pot hole next to it.