Lafayette Village.

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  • 4005 Village Dr Fayetteville, NC, 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    The occupants of 4005 Village Dr have had a large pile of rugs, pads, trash piled at the top of their driveway for months. Their driveway is on a large hill so it is not visible from the street. However, it is in direct eyesight and smell from my backyard. It smells, its rotting and we have seen a rat also. i have requested help for a few months, but my issue is closed without resolution on at least 2 occasions. I need to know how to resolve this public health issue.
  • Other Archived
    3808 Village Dr Fayetteville 28304, United States - Fayetteville
    Homeless camp setup in the wooded area across from Mary McArthur ES. Large camp fires have been observed at night. Occupants of camp have been harassing local neighbors. Woman from camp has been observed sleep near Village Drive partially clothed.
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    6362 Lake Trail Dr Fayetteville, NC 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    multiple cars parked in front yard every day.
  • 1739 Shiloh Dr Fayetteville, NC, 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    Pavement is breaking into pieces...will become a pothole shortly. Have stopped twice to replace asphalt piece.
  • Sinkhole Archived
    6418-6448 Applecross Ave Fayetteville, NC, 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    Numerous potholes. Damaging to vehicles!
  • 1449 Paisley Ave Fayetteville, NC - Fayetteville
    This is the second time that I reported this. The Debris is seeping into the drain. This contributes to flooding.
  • 2021 Lakemeadow Dr Fayetteville, NC 28304, USA - Fayetteville

    the light in the corner of Lake Way and Bingham Road is absolutely not timed right. I was trying to turn left out of errands like West on the Bingham and the light cycle is 6 * before I was able to proceed on to Bingham It 2 minutes and 15 seconds per cycle, if you don't want to do the math it's over 14 minutes I had to wait being the third car to turn on the Bingham Road. Now the car is on the exact opposite side of the street coming out of that development they get a green arrow as well as flashing lights every single cycle, whereas we 'might get' a green arrow every three or four cycles of the light itself. and of course the situation would be different if the light that is letting cars go straight onto Bingham wasn't so long which I think it is set in a minute and a half. Just a side note I've sat at that light at all times of day being the only car in that turn lane and yet I'm still waiting 5 or 6 minutes do you have the ability to turn I know either a green light a narrow or are yellow flashing light.
    when that 4-way light was originally erected I would say that it was a standard barely time made sense type of light. Since then especially over the last six or eight months some engineer or some someone has adjust the timing on it to be extremely biased towards of people in Aaron's like West.
    this past weekend I did an experiment my buddy and I were both driving he was right behind me turning left out of the neighborhood I was turning right and we are trying to see who to get to Food Lion on I'm Bingham first. of course his distance was less than half a mile if that where is mine what I would say was three maybe three miles Maybe maybe more than that and yet I still beat him to Food Lion. Anyone could ride a bike to Food Lion faster then to use that silly four-way intersection messed up timed signal light.

    I truly hope the city takes this matter seriously and sends out Prairie they would send out an engineer or what not to fix this constant annoying safety hazard of a problem.

  • 6776–6970 Bailey Lake Rd Fayetteville 28304, United States - Fayetteville
    There are two large potholes for Northwest traffic on Bailey Lake Rd.
  • 1508 Berriedale Dr Fayetteville, NC 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    is there going to be trash/recycle pickup today. this is not addressed on city website or in the paper
  • Other Archived
    1730 Wellons Dr Fayetteville 28304, United States - Fayetteville
    Neighbor complaint. Overgrown yard. Broken windows.
  • 1927 Pumpkin Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304, USA - Fayetteville
    washer, dryer, air conditioner, grill, chill rack
  • Missed Yard Waste Acknowledged
    5706 Mcdougal Dr Fayetteville 28304, United States - Fayetteville