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  • 57 Beverly Beach Road Brick NJ 08724 - Beverly Beach
    Suspension-jarring pavement deterioration at intersection of Beverly Beach and Herbertsville Roads in Brick
  • Birch Bark & Vermont Drive Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick
    People fly around this corner. not stopping at the stop sign. Very dangerous for children & people walking ( there is not sidewalks).
  • 410-590 Havens Cove Rd Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick

    Heavy Equipment driven down entire road on 6/29/2010 which left deep tracks in the pavement. These pavement tracks look and feel like the "warning tracks" at the side of an interstate but in the middle of the street.
    (If made by a construction contractor, they should pay for the re-paving.)

    Thank you for this web site - Great Idea!!

  • 352 Shawnee Dr Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Enough with the Mulch!
    Pay you dumping fees at the county and stop killing the bushes and trees we worked so hard to plant!
  • 11-13 Navajo Trail Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Cedarcroft Entrances needs a pedestrian crosswalk across Princeton Avenue.
  • 2072-2098 Sawmill Rd Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Lanes Mill Road from Herbertsville Road to past the high school will be closed for the next FOUR WEEKS!
    Sally Ike has to be used.
  • 212-238 Chestnut Dr Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Cars trying to cross Burnt Tavern from rt. 70 'turnoff' block full lane of traffic and also block turn lane when trying to squeeze in! This is a very bad design and needs to be changed! Anyone else?? Bricktucky is bad enough already!
  • 575-609 New Jersey 70 Lakewood, NJ 08701, USA - Brick
    They changed this to left on green arrow only but now people are lined up there with no oncoming traffic and can't make the left with the regular green light.
  • 209 Towhee Trail Brick, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Towhee trail and Algonquin trail needs to be paved asap
  • Old Squan Road Brick Township, NJ 08724, USA - Brick
    Old Squan Road has a speed limit of 40, we
    have houses right along this street, with children,
    we need this monitered, have an officer hang out
    for a while, Brick would really pull in some money
    from speeding tickets
  • 242 Sky Manor Boulevard Brick, New Jersey - Brick
    I'm a partially handicapped man with two kids and my wife. We both work but when it snows I can't go outside cause my leg doesn't work and if I step on snow or ice n slip I could potentially break my ankle n knee again. Just seeking help. So I can get up n down my steps and to my vehicle. I thank you in advance if anything can be done
  • Pothole Archived
    15 Truman Dr. Brick, New Jersey - Brick
    Patch crumbled away, again