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  • Salem Rd. College Ave. Intersection Conway, AR - Conway
    The light is stuck on red and the cars are starting to pile up
  • 1115 E Oak St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
  • 1441-1499 Country Club Road Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The stop light at Country Club & Tyler skipped southbound traffic on Country Club for 3+ cycles, until everyone began turning right on red.
  • 1441-1499 Country Club Road Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The stoplight at Country Club and Tyler going South (towards JLM) is not turning green. Traffic is backing up and people are being forced to either run the light, backup, or go though the Hal Crafton's property.
  • 1152 Us-64 Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    13 minutes to get Past 3 lights!!!!!!
  • 2705 Blaney Hill Rd Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    Pot hole located on Vail Ave. Off of Blainey. Getting larger daily due to continual semi trailer traffic
  • West Prince Conway, AR - Conway
    LARGE POTHOLE right before Padgett Rd. Needs to be fixed because if a car is oncoming you can't dodge it you have to hit it and it feels like it's going to tear the bottom out my car
  • Intersection Of Salem Rd. And Dave Ward Dr. Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The buttons for the crosswalk going across Salem Rd. on the north side of Dave Ward Dr. can't be pressed. Someone pulled out the buttons. Unfortunately, it's not a crosswalk that will let you walk without pressing the button.
  • 970-998 Donaghey Avenue Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The lights on Donaghey do not allow traffic to flow smoothly from UCA to all points north (and from the north as well, obviously). Especially in the evening trying to drive along this road is an exercise in frustration.
  • 2235 Landover Trail Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    There is a drainage port in the Smithfield subdivision that continuously clogs, causing the backs of the properties to flood when it rains. These properties will hold the water for several weeks, keeping it very muddy and unusable and creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and possibly snakes. I believe a culvert should be installed along the property lines of the homes between Landover Trail and Nature Trail similar to the one behind the homes between Landover Trail and Millwood. I've personally called several times to have the drainage port cleaned, which helps only temporarily
  • Intersections Of Maplewood & Meadowlake/ Millwood Dr. & Donaghey - Conway

    The sign at the end of Maplewood that was with the stop sign facing Meadowlake has been missing for a few months now.

    The "Millwood Dr." sign at the end of Millwood on Donaghey is often blocked by tree limbs that should be trimmed back to make the sign more visible from a further distance.

  • 1001-1099 Harrison St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Vehicles parked along the north side of shopping center, making it impossible for northbound traffic on Harrison to see eastbound traffic on Garland. This is at the intersection with the ambulance service.