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  • Pot Hole Archived
    2300 Cedar Oaks Dr Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Pot Hole in middle of road getting larger.
  • Salem Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    The Directional signs going down the hill on Salem Rd right before Hwy. 64 are missing. Looks like they got wiped out by an accident during the snow event.
  • 960-1198 Parkway Ave Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    Conway Corp. dug up a section of the road and then put asphalt over the the hole. They did not do a good job and now there is a super-cracked patchwork speed bump in the middle of the road. Somebody needs to fix this.
  • 750 Hogan Ln Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    This corner here, where the old run down building is with the trailers behinde it, would be a great location for a Starbucks.
  • 12-98 Mary Ellen Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
  • 22320 Blaney Hill Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Blaney Hill road needs repair!!
  • 1210-1236 E Dave Ward Dr Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Roundabout needs yield sign people are failing to yield for those headed eastbound to exit at Amity Rd
  • 1153-1163 E Oak St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
  • 1330-1398 S Salem Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    It would be nice to get the bike lane all the way down Salem from Farve to Dave Ward swept. There is alot of dirt, rocks, etc. left over from the Salem extension to the new golf course/apartments left over from last year. Cyclists must ride in the lane because of this.
  • Meadowlake Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Expand Salem
  • 3595 Deerbrook Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    This road was never brought up to code before we were annexed and the city has done a very poor job of maintaining it. We have been annexed for over 13yrs and the city still refuses to fix it the right way saying they don't have any money.
  • 3605 Deerbrook Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    We have been annexed into the city limits of Conway for over 12 yrs now if not longer and we want our road fixed like it needs to be fixed. The road was never up to code when the city annexed this area but they annexed it just the same. More taxes for the city. Well that's all fine and good with the exception of no one will fix our street. No more dropping asphalt on the road in and around the holes and running it over with a pick up truck or front end loader and thinking it has been fixed when it hasn't. I watched a city council meeting one night when the city engineer got up to talk about road projects and such and he made mention about Deerbrook Drive and maybe having to put it off for another year and sort of smiled as he said it. Well, Mr. Hall you might think it is a joke but it isn't. We are sick and tired of paying our taxes and not getting any results out of the city because they are to busy building roundabouts all over town or working on building new access areas for HP. Short of filing a lawsuit against the city I am at a loss as to what to do.