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  • 2098 Salem Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    We need a stoplight at the intersection of Irby and Salem. You can wait upwards of 15 minutes to turn onto Salem from Irby during rush hour. And it's even worse after a train has just come through.
  • 1100 Amity Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway

    Route Exit 129A traffic directly onto Amity, so those drivers will have equality at traffic light as those on Dave Ward or already on Amity.

    Commuting from Little Rock to Middle Rd, I must fight to merge into traffic with others waiting at light heading East on Dave Ward across Amity.

  • 2710 Meadowlake Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Title Says it all.
  • 35-59 Middle Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    the section of middle road from east german lane to skunk hollow is one of the worst roads in conway. If this were the other side of town the rich folk would be raising cain but since us poor folk don't matter I guess it's ok to give us crappy roads!
  • 301 Salem Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    More Bike crossing signs/lights needed. An underpass (like along the rest of the Tucker Creek Path) would be preferable.
  • 1170 Donaghey Ave Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The majority of Donoghey street is in terrible condition. There are numerous potholes and the road itself is extremely bumpy and uneven. Please fix this!!
  • BAD CURVE Archived
    2-12 Arkansas 25 Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    The sharp curve in Hwy 25 is flat which has caused several log and cement trucks to overturn. The road needs to be widened and tilted to prevent this.
  • 1601-1817 Stanley Russ Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The full length of Stanley Russ has poor patch places, increased pot holes and the road is very rough with the increased traffic from HP and surrounding new home additions.
  • 405 Elsinger Blvd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Waited 12 minutes to make a left-hand turn here. Line-of-sight to oncoming traffic from the north is blocked when cars are in the right-hand turn lane.
  • 2363 Old Morrilton Hwy - Conway
    Need to finish Asphalt Paving on new Salem Road Extension from Meadowlake Road to HWY 64.
  • 801-899 Ingram St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    really need left turn arrows/lights on ingram going onto oak st
  • 4724-4834 Wescon Ln Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    Why has this road not been fixed for 4 years now. Big mound of dirt in the road, either fix the road or close the road for good.