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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2010-06-16

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  • Interstate 40 Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    The street lights on I-40 Westbound between Exit 125 and Exit 124 are out. I contacted the State Highway Department and they stated it is the City of Conway's responsibility. This needs to be fixed due to it being very dark without them.
  • 3540-3598 Copperwood Cir Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The street sign on the corner of Applegate and Copperwood has come loose and is laying on the ground.
  • Meadowlake Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Expand Salem
  • 3700 Dave Ward Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    There are NUMEROUS potholes constantly developing along this small street.
  • 2104 Harkrider St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    A bush near the road in the parking lot of New China prevents a clear view of oncoming traffic when attempting to exit onto Harkrider St.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    2300 Cedar Oaks Dr Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    Pot Hole in middle of road getting larger.
  • 1401-1423 Washington Ave Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    The road has disintegrated here - chunks of pavement have come out of a maybe 3' x 1' area.
  • 1501-1527 Clifton St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    It's very difficult to see other traffic and determine who has the right away - especially with the business on the northeast side parking their vans in such a way that it blocks your view of the north side of Clifton if you're westbound on Hairston.
  • 2612 Bruce St Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    There is an abandoned house nearby, gangs?
  • 2098 Salem Rd. Conway AR 72034 - Conway
    the grass on the corner of Irby and Salem is blocking the vision of a diver turning left from Irby to Salem
  • 2 Cedar Oaks Dr. And Meadowlake Rd. - Conway
    Trees blocking view towards the east on Meadowlake Rd. The blocked view combined with the hill towards the west also on Meadowlake Rd. make pulling onto Meadowlake dangerous. Also, lack of speed limit signs on Meadowlake. People are driving AT LEAST 40mph most of the time and I know that it is 30mph.
  • Nutters Chapel Rd Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    There are 2 new potholes that have popped up in the past week in the curve of Nutters Chapel between Crosspoint Rd and TJ Drive. One in each lane of traffic. These are fairly deep and will grow rapidly.