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  • 1810 Hogan Lane Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    The Lights on top of the concrete fencing of Centennial Apartments is too bright!! Between the extremely bright headlights and these lights being so bright you can barely see the lines on the road. If it is raining all you can see is a big glare.
  • 4900 Nottingham Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    A 4-way stop is needed here! People fly down this street and one child was hit last spring, luckily she was not hurt. We have some speed bumps but they dont help at this intersection. We talked to the mayor and he said the city was against putting a stop sign here because it would increase pollution. Really? I think I would be ok with a little more pollution from a stop sign if it meant saving the life of a child.
  • Storm drain Archived
    309 Exchange Avenue Conway, AR - Conway
    There is a storm drain on the west side of the street before you get to Runway Drive. The drain is partially blocked due to run off from the city owned property southwest of it. The city needs to address the issue in order to keep the drain open and not cause problems with the city drainage system.
  • 803 N Creek Dr Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
  • 12-98 Mary Ellen Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
  • 750 Hogan Ln Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    This corner here, where the old run down building is with the trailers behinde it, would be a great location for a Starbucks.
  • 2612 Bruce St Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    There is an abandoned house nearby, gangs?
  • 2104 Harkrider St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    A bush near the road in the parking lot of New China prevents a clear view of oncoming traffic when attempting to exit onto Harkrider St.
  • pothole Archived
    2405 Crestwood Ct Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    There is a pothole that needs to be fixed at the corner of Raintree and Crestwood.
  • Meadowlake Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
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  • 2 Cedar Oaks Dr. And Meadowlake Rd. - Conway
    Trees blocking view towards the east on Meadowlake Rd. The blocked view combined with the hill towards the west also on Meadowlake Rd. make pulling onto Meadowlake dangerous. Also, lack of speed limit signs on Meadowlake. People are driving AT LEAST 40mph most of the time and I know that it is 30mph.
  • 1501-1527 Clifton St Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway
    It's very difficult to see other traffic and determine who has the right away - especially with the business on the northeast side parking their vans in such a way that it blocks your view of the north side of Clifton if you're westbound on Hairston.