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  • Speeding Archived
    Greenwood Ave Madison, NJ - Madison
    Speed limit is 25 mph. Nobody does 25 mph!!!
  • 84 Wayne Blvd Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    Intersection where Anthony meets East and Wayne Blvd. People FLY down Anthony Drive and those who come off East Street rarely yield. And the loop pictured here coming off Wayne does not have a stop or yield sign so its a 3-way disaster zone, especially when little kids from the daycare center are on a walk. At night you often hear near collisions, honking because the old and small yield sign on East cannot be seen. This is a daily problem.
  • 29 Niles Ave Madison, NJ 07940 - Madison
    Speeding down Niles Ave to avoid light at Brooklake/Main St. No enforcement of speed limit.
  • Kings Road Madison, NJ - Madison
    People use Kings Road to get away from the traffic lights on Main Street. But ever since the traffic light was installed at the corner of Samson and Kings, cars now speed up to make the light, or if driving westbound, fly down the hill. This is a residential area with children living on this street. I've already seen two pets killed in front of my house. How about a speed bump or two? Maybe when its a kid, maybe someone will sit up and take notice.
  • 53-63 Elm St Madison, NJ 07940, USA - Madison
    The light on the top of Elm Street takes too long to change when someone is waiting for it. I suggest shorter light periods similar to the one on Seaman street
  • Walnut St And Ridgedale Ave Madison, NJ - Madison
    Unable to safely make left turns out of Walnut St, onto Ridgedale Ave due to overgrown shrubbery at the corner house. Must pull into traffic to see- not safe!!
  • Electric Archived
    Green Village Red And Main St Madison Nj - Madison
    Christmas lights on bottom half of light pole are out
  • Street Light Archived
    22 Morris Pl Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    The street light between #22 and #20 on Morris Place does not seem to be functioning properly. When it is dark, sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off and sometimes it sort flickers at a low level light. I think the bulb needs to be replaced. Thank you.
  • Trees Archived
    22 Highview Ter Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    Question for Shade Tree Board regarding removal of two trees at 14 Highview Terrace yesterday (Dec 21)
  • Danforth Rd Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Green traffic signal closest to fire hydrant is out/doesn't work as seen in picture
  • Danforth Rd Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Train bridge sidewalk
  • 62 Kings Rd Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Can we please have this shoveled. Kids are having to walk in the street. Thank you!