Madison Boroguh

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  • Other Archived
    318 Main St Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Poison Ivy
  • 152 Loantaka Way Madison Boro, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    Snow not cleared from sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signal buttons at busy intersection.
  • 62 Kings Rd Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Can we please have this shoveled. Kids are having to walk in the street. Thank you!
  • 40 Main St Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison

    We have been residents of Madison NJ for almost 22 years now, first living in an apartment on Green Ave and now in our house since September of 2000. I don't know what has gone on over the past 2- 3 years, but the amount of garbage on the streets in Madison, especially in town, has gotten out of control. I don't know if the newer residents of Madison just don't care or there is a lack of garbage pick up, but it is disgusting. The trash bins in town are constantly overflowing. It seems the residents in the apartments throw their kitchen/household garbage in the bins on Main Street. I just walked through town with my dog and there are egg cartons, dirty diapers and other debris ALL OVER the sidewalks. It's like living in New York City. It is a health hazard, looks HORRIBLE and is downright unacceptable.

    I'll also mention that the masks and blue gloves that the postal service use are strewn all over Chapel street and in the parking lot of the Postal Annex, which are probably not seen now b/c these items are buried under several inches of snow. In addition, it seems that residents feel they don't need to clean up after their pets since there has been so much snow. Dog feces literally litters the town, especially around Dodge Filed. While walking my dog at night just last week, I stepped in a HUGE PILE of dog crap literally IN THE MIDDLE of the sidewalk on Chapel Street. I would suggest installing cameras to see who CONSTANTLY fails to clean up after their dog. Maybe put up signs announcing that people will be fined for not cleaning up after their dog...and actually follow through by fining people.

    Madison has certainly gone down in respect to cleanliness over the past several years. Shame considering it's supposed to be the "Number One Place to Live in NJ".

  • 2 Keep St Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    Hi! I’ve noticed that cars really speed down our street - Keep Street. They take the turn from Prospect and really are going fast. We have a lot of young families with little kids. Is there any way this spot could be considered for a “children at play” sign. Or is there anything else we can do to help reduce the speed of drivers on our street. I’m willing to do anything to help - fundraise etc.
  • Danforth Rd Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    No safe crossing for pedestrians due to snow.
  • Roads Archived
    1-17 Prospect Pl Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    Small manhole cover missing.
  • Electric Archived
    Green Village Red And Main St Madison Nj - Madison
    Christmas lights on bottom half of light pole are out
  • Danforth Rd Madison NJ 07940, United States - Madison
    Green traffic signal closest to fire hydrant is out/doesn't work as seen in picture
  • Street Light Archived
    22 Morris Pl Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    The street light between #22 and #20 on Morris Place does not seem to be functioning properly. When it is dark, sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off and sometimes it sort flickers at a low level light. I think the bulb needs to be replaced. Thank you.
  • Speeding Archived
    Noe Avenue Madison, NJ - Madison
    The speed limit is 25mph on Noe Ave in Madison/Chatham. Way too many cars are speeding, how about getting speed bumps on Noe Ave?
  • Fence Code Issue Acknowledged
    24 Niles Ave Madison, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison
    See code issue below