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  • 2-30 Noe Ave Madison, NJ - Madison
    There is a huge disregard of safety. People are speeding past the stopped school vehicle ( clearly marked) at pick up and drop off. It is a school vehicle yet little regard is made more so scary that it is a special needs bus. Also Madison district buses are flying past as well.
  • Kings Road Madison, NJ - Madison
    Branch taking up paid parking spot in commuter lot behind ambulance building.
  • dead tree Archived
    47 Brittin St. Madison, NJ - Madison
    boro tree at 47 Brittin needs to be taken down
  • 182 Greenwood Ave Madison, NJ - Madison
    bad pothole in front of 182 Greenwood, southbound side
  • Truck Depot Archived
    29 Samson Avenue Madison , New Jersey - Madison
    The property is being used as a truck depot and the vehicles are in violation of the Madison Town Ordinance 185 for maximum allowed weight of 4 tons. The local streets are becoming damaged and the residents have to deal with having a truck depot in their back yards. The children walking to school have to deal with 40 ton trucks crossing the sidewalks they walk on. This unsafe and an illegal use of the road and property.
  • 4 Community Place Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    The sidewalk is crumbling on this stretch of land, and I've twisted my ankle walking on it many times. It is trafficked by parents and children walking to CAS, and particularly tough in the summer when the holes are covered by grass and in winter when it's never shoveled.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Kings Road And Samson Avenue Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    Traffic light was knocked over on Friday, November 21 due to a traffic accident. The light has still not been replaced. This is causing a potentially dangerous traffic situation. Motorists coming driving southbound on Samson cannot see the color of the traffic light if they are first in line at the intersection when it is red.
  • 6 Union Avenue Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    Union Ave is filled with potholes and in need of repair
  • Street lights Archived
    Independence Ct Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    All of the street lights on Independence have been out for over a month
  • 161 Green Village Road Madison, New Jersey - Madison
    The snow from the street has been plowed on to my sidewalks. No way I can do it by my self. You really need a snowblower to take care of it. I don't want to get fined. Help Help!
  • 32 Spring Garden Dr Madison, NJ - Madison
    There is a hole in the street directly in front of the sewer drain.
  • 4 Beech Ave Madison Boro, NJ, 07940, USA - Madison