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Old Railroad Bed Between Capshaw and HWY 72 and Heritage Brook

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  • 206-214 Shoals Point Trl Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    Spilled paint from city garbage truck has been stuck to the street on Shoals Point Trail for over a year now. I reported this when it happened over a year ago and the only resolution that was offered from Huntsville Sanitation was "We have spoken with our driver's to inform them to not pick up cans that have paint in them, to prevent this from happening again." Well, the drivers still don't check the cans before emptying them. This was just the city's way out of having to remove it. I hoped that as time passed it would wear away but it has not. It looks terrible. The city needs to come out and pressure wash all this mess off the street. If nothing is done this time, I will contact 'WHNT investigates' because we have been having to look at this mess for over a year and it was reported in October 2017 and nothing was ever done.
  • 101 Bordeaux Ln Madison, AL, 35757, USA - US Congressional District AL5
    Construction vehicles and/or school buses have to turn sharply onto Bordeaux Lane from the southbound lane of Balch Road. The dual rear tires damage the northwest pavement edge at 101 Bordeaux Lane and Balch Road intersection.
  • Nw Chadwick Pt Harvest, AL, 35749, USA - Huntsville
    ATT dug a deep trench from the corner of Water Stream Dr NW to the entrance of Chadwick Pointe subdivision. They tore the roots out from our 2 trees, killing them, and destroyed the grass on most of this strip of land. The workers left hay in place of the grass, did not even seed it.