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Old Railroad Bed Between Capshaw and HWY 72 and Heritage Brook

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  • 139-199 Heritage Brook Dr Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville

    We would like to request a special needs child sign. Our special needs son has been injured several times by distracted drivers and we are honestly scared to let him go outside. Our son has diagnosed autism. Similar to “Blind Child” or “Deaf Child” signs, the warning sign would be aimed at telling motorists that there is a child in the area with a disability who might not be as aware of traffic dangers as other kids.

    Thank you for your time and considerations,

  • 8805 Belle Mor Dr Nw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Vacant lot at 8805 Belle Mor Drive is thick with grass that is over 2 feet high. Now that November is here it has dried out and is a possible fire hazard.
  • 12120b County Line Rd Madison, AL 35756, USA - Huntsville
    need plastic dividers in lanes to prevent southbound traffic from trying to cross 4 Lanes of northbound traffic to get into mapco. this has caused numerous accidents.
  • Other Archived
    8897 Highway 72 West Madison, Alabama - Huntsville
    Please consider making this a right turn entry/exit only from the County Line Road side. I have been witness to a couple of wrecks and numerous near misses from folks headed South on County Line Road trying to turn left into the gas station. There is no reason for that. There are so many opportunities to right into the station! The only exception that I know of would be if you are West bound on Hwy 72 and want to get to that station. As it stands, it's a dangerous situation when people try to turn left into the station! Thanks for your consideration!
  • 117 Blackwood Dr Nw Madison, AL 35757, USA - Huntsville
    The homeowner placed limbs of a tree on the curb which is sticking out in the middle of the lane on his side of the street.
  • 206 Swallowtail Ln Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Grass is over a foot high at 206 Swallowtail Lane.
  • 250 Dustin Ln Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    Street Lights need to be installed on Thorne Drive in Laurenwood Preserve neighborhood. We have issues with people rummaging through construction dumpsters in the dark. Isn't a street light required every 300ft?
  • Garbage Can Archived
    210 Shoals Point Trail Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The previous owner of my home had two city issued green trash carts. I only need one. Please come and pick one up, I have left it by the curb. Thank you!
  • 258 Dustin Ln Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    The street light glass is broken. Appears to have had a rock go through both sides of the lamp (not front/back) during construction. Please repair the lamp. Both neighbors on either side of this lamp would like to have this repaired.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    8826 Belle Mor Dr Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    Please install ADA sidewalk ramp at 8826 Belle Mor Drive. This should have been done when the subdivision was first developed and the developer did not do it.
  • 210 Mountain Creek Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Grass is over a foot high at 210 Mountain Creek Drive.
  • 8803 Belle Mor Dr Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    Vacant lot at 8803 Belle Mor Drive has weeds over 8 inches. This is in Belle Mor Lakes subdivision off Old Railroad Bed Road (annexed into Huntsville city limits).