Mercer Island

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  • 7505 Se 28th St Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    Please assist SE 28th St with sand, deicer, plowing, or other to aid drivers and pedestrians to safely go up and down this hill. Several pedestrians have fallen and at least one minor car crash has occurred due to folks attempting to move up/down this long steep hill.
  • 7505 Se 28th St Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    Ice and SNow
  • 7505 Se 28th St Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    Although the snow plow came through to plow and sand two of the side streets in this neighborhood (up 28th Street off 76th), they did not plow or sand the icy street that serves Mercer View Terrace, The Clarice and the Lanai. No service vehicles have been able to drive on this road. There is black ice everywhere and tenants cannot get out. Walking is dangerous. Please come back and sand this road before this coming Friday's next expected snowfall. Six people have fallen and a Prius slid into and damaged a Subaru yesterday. Please help!
  • Mercer Terrace Dr Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    The conditions for Mercer Terrace Drive are hazardous, so much that a tow truck had to be called to pull up a car to 78th Ave. SE. MIPD also responded to the incident. Residents and cars are sliding and slipping, not sure how the school kids are going to make it in the morning. Pl treat the street, at a min. the slopes
  • 4231 90th Avenue Se Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    Blackberry overgrowth well into the street and restricting parking, walking, etc.
  • 7657 W Mercer Way Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA - Mercer Island
  • Snow and Ice Archived
    7646 Se 72nd Pl Mercer Island 98040, United States - Mercer Island
    Street not plowed/salted.. Access road closed. Unsafe ice conditions
  • Snow and Ice Archived
    9213 Se 68th St Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    This road has not been plowed and is a serious danger to citizens and emergency vehicles. Someone needs to address quickly.
  • 7505 Se 28th Street Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    These trees overhang 76th Ave SE and are into the power lines. Unknown whether the property owner or the City is responsible for trimming them back out of the power lines.
  • 3010 62nd Ave Se Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA - Mercer Island
    Republic Services has broken the Lid on our Yard Waste container ( now ready to fall off )... They do NOT promptly answer calls NOR respond to messages... Is Republic going to replace it ? or pass the buck to the new outfit ? ?
  • Street Light Archived
    7505 Se 28th Street Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    The light is out. The lights from my building at 7505 SE 28th Street are bright on my side of the street, but it is completely dark for tenants parking along the curb going up the hill towards the condos. There have been vehicular break-ins lately so we need this light fixed, please!
  • 4346 Island Crest Way Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island

    Notice the sidewalk ramp is missing on Island Crest Way northbound @ SE 44th St. For cyclist (kids especially) they are diverted into ICW's car lane and in the morning that can get dangerous if drivers or cyclists aren't paying attention and merges. I recall there was a ramp so the bike line on the southern parts of ICW can offload cyclists on to the sidewalk instead of merging with car traffic when ICW splits into 2 lines. Please look into it, with biking season coming up would hate to hear news of accidents on ICW..

    - Stewart Wang