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GrowCove service area encompassing areas bordered by Green Mountain, Huntsville Mountain, Monte Sano Mountain, Flint River, and Owens Cross Roads

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  • Animal - Dead Archived
    419–421 Old Highway 431 Huntsville 35763, United States - Huntsville
  • 3200 Rock Fence Rd Se Huntsville 35763, United States - Huntsville
    These trees are growing completely over the sidewalk so pedestrians cannot go by safely.
  • 4731 Autumn Dusk Dr Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - Huntsville
    Dead tree that is a hazard to the walking trail along the flint River behind 4731 Autumn Dusk Drive. This is located off the trail closest to the river, and isn't HOA common area. This tree and another behind aprox 4725 Autumn Dusk are a safety concern, and could cause harm.
  • 3004 Glen Willow Ct - Huntsville
    Street light at 3004 Glen Willow ct.
    Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763
    Light stays on all the time. What’s odd is it’s been fixed before?
  • speed bump Archived
    Hampton Ridge Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    part of the speed bump is on the sidewalk
  • Caldwell/431 Huntsville, AL - US Congressional District AL5
    I know we have had a lot of rain but the culverts north of Caldwell between the creek and the town houses are always clogged and puddling water. This morning the following picture was taken. It’s a lot worse because of the rain but even when it hasn’t rained in weeks and the creek is low water still stands in the culvert. It has a lot of debris in it. Also the creek has a lot of debris forming a dam and it’s causing the creek to flood more then usually.
  • Other Archived
    5211 Frankford Drive Southeast Owens Cross Roads, Alabama - Huntsville
    The HOA of the neighborhood has an ordinance requiring cars be parked in the garage or driveway, however, there are numerous cars parked on both sides of the Frankford drive that limits traffic flow and restricts drivers viewing which may cause an accident or result in a child being hit
  • 308 Sutton Rd Huntsville 35763, United States - Huntsville
    This light is still set as if Sutton road is open on the way to Cecil ashburn. Since it isn’t, people sit for long times on Taylor rd or coming from Lowe’s center waiting to go left or straight with no traffic at all on Sutton. First, shouldn’t this light have smarts?Second, please adjust it to not hold long on Sutton since almost no one is going there until the road reopens. Thanks
  • 1222–1248 Taylor Rd Huntsville 35763, United States - US Congressional District AL5
    Since putting up no parking signs on sanctuary cove road during school times, parking has moved to Gramercy Court SE. this is the 2nd morning in a row I could not get down the street to leave. This morning 17 cars parked down our short side street. We would like the same signs on Gramercy court as were placed on sanctuary cove rd. The enclosed picture shows cars parked up to the stop sign coming off Gramercy court on both sides of the road.
  • Other Archived
    2718 Muir Woods Dr Se Huntsville 35763, United States - Huntsville
    Someone is parking trucks on both sides of Muir Woods at the top of a hill on a curve. It causes this to be a one lane blind curve that is going to result in an accident.
  • Animal - Dead Archived
    4502 Blairmont Dr Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - US Congressional District AL5
    There is a dead deer near the fence.
  • 2912 Honors Row Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - Huntsville
    Light is out in front of 2912 Honor's Row