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  • 2317 Newkirk Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40

    Several underground parties have been hosted at this building's backyard in the past few months. Elaborate set up of tents, tables, lights, speakers, a DJ, large crowds (about 50 people last night and close to 100 back in July). There is unlicensed/illegal sale of alcohol, No social distancing, no masks, incredible noise until about 5am.  
    Management refuses to take action. The police needs access to the backyard in order to witness the illegal sale of alcohol, etc.  I was also told by my local precinct in the past that there is nothing they can do in response to a noise complaint or social distancing reinforcement.

    On-line promotion for the party that happened last night and fliers prove the illegality of these events.

  • 3820 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11235, USA - City Council District 48

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    3820 Nostrand Ave, #107
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
    +1 718-871-2277

  • New York NY, USA - Tribeca
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  • 972 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Hate to have to complain but the unpermitted work has looked so unsafe and happening round the clock made us look into this if it was even allowed. Also the use across from the school is not allowed unless they have on site parking. No permits, unsafe and use not allowed according to zoning without substantial onsite parking which they have none.
  • 1200 Beverley Road Brooklyn / Kings, New York - City Council District 40

    Raised manhole surrounded by sunken pavement. Every time a truck goes over it my whole house shakes. The noise is so loud we can't sleep. Have complained multiple times to 311- they referred to DEP who owns the manhole. after months DEP has no record of complaint...

    Kirsten Johnson
    1203 Beverley 11218
    917 676 4353

  • 26 Rugby Rd New York 11226, United States - City Council District 40
    This truck on a regular basis is picking up and dropping laundry at Caton Park Nursing Home and blocks Rugby Road completely for 30-45 minutes at high traffic morning hours. Cars are compelled to find alternative ways around this nuisance including driving on the sidewalk or backing up the street. Any emergency vehicles would not be able to pass. See photo.
  • Hit and Run Archived
    1274 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    I wanted to ask you if there is a way for someone to get access to the surveillance camera that's mounted to the light post on the SW corner of Flatbush Ave and Stephens Ct in front of 1276 Flatbush Ave. Yesterday, Saturday the 14th, sometime between 8 and 10 in the morning my car was hit while parked in front of 1274 Flatbush Ave and the driver left without leaving a note. I was able to see the footage of the incident from the gas stations cameras across the street but they're not good enough to pick up the license plate. The responding police officers just took a report and weren't able to offer any help regarding the camera's footage. I am wondering if there is a way to get that footage from the public surveillance camera. The footage of the incident is there, but I don't know how to get it so I can get the person's insurance company to pay for my damage. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  • 27 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    I'm writing this complaint out because for about a year now there has been a generator that runs from early morning to late late at night. This sound is constant, my only piece and quiet are when the thing turns off sporadically. I haven't seen the generator but I know that it's on this street.
  • 2313 Newkirk Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    Every day weather permitting, people are blasting music from a late model green Ford Expedition that's parked either directly in front or in close proximity to 2313 Newkirk Ave. I filed a noise complaint at 4:32 pm on July 6th (C1-1-1731720921) and the police didn't respond until 10 hours later at 2:23 am, at which time the music has stopped and the police "observed no evidence of the violation at that time". The second noise complaint (C1-1-1732360011) was filed last night, July 7th, at 10:09 pm and the police didn't respond until seven and a half hours later at 5:38 am at which time they once again "observed no evidence of the violation". Please let me know, what I can do to get the local police department to respond in a timely fashion and actually enforce the NYC Noise Code. Thank you.
  • 639 Foster Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14

    The recently released NYC Essential Construction Map includes two troubled market rate apartment buildings that have been the subject of numerous complaints in Community Board 14, Brooklyn. It is incomprehensible that construction at these two locations is still continuing putting the workers and local residents and everyone else in New York in danger. They gather, they hang out and smoke on breaks next to each other and they are working on top of each other in tight quarters.
    None of it seems like emergency work or essential, some of them are just painting rooms, you can see it from the street. They just want to get this job finished and the potential health costs of their workers and the neighborhood is of no concern to them. It is shameful that the Department of Buildings and local authorities are allowing this.
    The owner is associated with Velocity development corporation.

    Photo here and for Parkville Avenue construction are reversed.

  • 2708 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY, 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Another construction company on the block ignoring hours. Drilling and hammering after hours, outside. Almost 7pm still going strong.
  • 142 Joralemon St Brooklyn, NY, 11201, USA - City Council District 33

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    Brooklyn GYN Place
    142 Joralemon Street, #4CF,
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