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City of Houston

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  • 1835 Bell St Houston, TX, 77003, USA - Downtown
    low tree limbs along the north side of Bell east of Chenevert. I believe this is a Parks Dept issue.
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    300–394 Main St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Cover is missing to fire hydrant pipe in sidewalk.
  • Lamar St & Milam St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Downtown
    I’d like your help with the traffic signals on Lamar Street between Discovery Green and Sam Houston Park. The dedicated bike lanes are amazing. And the traffic signals for the bike lanes are extremely beneficial. However, I’d like a change made to make it safer. On Lamar, the bike lanes (East & West bound) are on the South side, i.e. they are on the far left of the car lanes when traveling West, which is the 1-way direction of the auto traffic. Currently when riding W. bound in the same direction as Lamar auto traffic, each traffic signal intersection has a bike signal that alternates between green and red. After a solid red light, the bike signal turns green while the auto traffic signals remain red. Then after a period of time (maybe 10 to 30 seconds) the auto signals turn green. This happens without warning to the bike lane and when a bike rider is at or in an intersection crossing a street whose one way direction is South bound, autos immediately start to turn left without warning. Some give way to bikes whose signal is also green but many do not as they are not looking backwards and bikes travel much faster than pedestrians. A better and safer solution would be to add an auto left turn signal that remains red while the bike signal is green and then turns green after the bike signal turns red. Also, the traffic signal for autos going straight can turn green at the same time as the bike signal turns green. This solution should also be duplicated in the opposite bike lane direction, i.e. East bound on Lamar so that bikes traveling straight and autos turning left do not conflict. It should also be duplicated where the bike lanes are on the right side of a street when traveling in the same direction as the autos…such as North bound on Austin through Midtown and the CBD (where bike lanes and bike signals are installed but the signals are not yet functioning). I know that many other cities have adopted this solution, Chicago for instance.
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    790 Austin St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    City tree branches are below 8 feet on public sidewalk.
  • Milam St @ Congress St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    milan at congress light flashing red
  • City Engineer Archived
    425 Milam St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    sidewalk blocked by construction site on west side of milam at Preston. no signage, alternative route, or mobility permit for closure.
  • 1919 Smith St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Pedestrian walk signal (walking man) on northeast corner so degraded it is no longer visible. Do not walk sign is not affected.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    900 Bagby St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Walker near 45 exit, no parking sign faded. At least one other no parking sign faded further along Walker
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    850 Mckee St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Two way sign is faded
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    1901 Franklin St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    No parking signs on Hamilton from Commerce south to merge to Capitol are faded. Also a bike/bus lane sign is likewise faded.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    1111 Louisiana St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Louisiana/Lamar: street name sign is sliced in half, needs to be replaced
  • Louisiana St Houston 77002, United States - Downtown
    Red light flashing