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East eagle St. East Boston ma.02128 American Legion playground. On East eagle St. right before condor St. the 18 wheelers from the fish market are driving up the one way to turn around to pull into a spot at fish market or a 18 wheelers drives down East eagle St and can't clear the wires, so it keeps hitting them. This is happening every week there's a wire hanging from being hit by a truck that can't clear it. Is there any way a sign can be put up showing how the height that can't pass by the w

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  • Street Lights Acknowledged
    425 Boylston St Boston, MA 02116, USA - Back Bay
    A bunch of double historic looking streetlights out on Arlington Street, both sides from Boylston to St. James, on Boylston north side from Restoration Hardware to common.
  • Other Acknowledged
    677 Washington St Boston 02124, United States - South Dorchester
    Good afternoon this water drain over here at Washington st and Welles streets by Codman Square Library Dorchester, the drain must be Clogged up if someone get a chance to come by to take look at this please and thank you
  • Litter Acknowledged
    879–883 William T Morrissey Blvd Boston 02122, United States - South Dorchester
    Good afternoon I walk past and saw this at this MBTA bus stop over by the stop shop by Freeport in Dorchrster. If anyone get a chance to come by to take look at this thank you
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    57 Traveler St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    walking signs and buttons for the Traveler Street at Albany Street intersection are completely disabled on all sides. major safety issue required immediate intervention
  • Abandoned Bicycle Acknowledged
    1404 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    abandoned bicycle behind 1404 comm ave
  • 9–15 Utica St Boston 02111, United States - Central
    Out of state commercial car is parking in resident only parking
  • Other Acknowledged
    Battery Wharf Hotel - North End
    Enforce the noise ordinance at battery wharf regarding the strikers. It is 7am at Saturday and the strikers are at it AGAIN. They are violating the noise ordinance and it’s disrupting the neighborhood. Soon we will be coming for you if you don’t fix it.
  • Other Acknowledged
    60–100 Saint James Ave Boston 02116, United States - Back Bay
    There is construction on this street which has two right lanes blocked at the light. Not enough signage before you get up to the closed lanes which makes it very scary for drivers and pedestrians at the intersection, especially during morning commute when cars are jetting over lanes to get through. Please add more signage BEFORE to let drivers know the lanes are closed before someone gets hit.
  • Litter Archived
    140 Freeport St Boston 02122, United States - South Dorchester
    Good morning, if someone can come by 170 Freeport street under train track by M & S Auto body this debris is on left side of the side walk if any one get a chance to come by to take a look at this location please
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    1375 Bennington St East Boston 02128 United States - East Boston
    Sign is completely faded
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    76 Old Landing Way Boston 02129, United States - Charlestown
    Charlestown has been completely faded from sign
  • 4 Charles St S Boston 02108, United States - Beacon Hill
    Top of electrical box could use a new coat of paint. This is in far left corner of Boston Common near intersection of Arlington and Beacon