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East eagle St. East Boston ma.02128 American Legion playground. On East eagle St. right before condor St. the 18 wheelers from the fish market are driving up the one way to turn around to pull into a spot at fish market or a 18 wheelers drives down East eagle St and can't clear the wires, so it keeps hitting them. This is happening every week there's a wire hanging from being hit by a truck that can't clear it. Is there any way a sign can be put up showing how the height that can't pass by the w

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  • 470 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA 02210, USA - Central
    2 trucks stopped in no stopping zone on the bridge forcing bikes unto dangerous traffic. This has been becoming more common over the last few weeks and is extremely dangerous to cyclists.
  • 26 West St #3 Boston, MA 02111, USA - Downtown
    Car parked on sidewalk, unattended. This is a common behavior. In this location and is hostile to pedestrians.
  • 1–45 Sever St Boston 02129, United States - Charlestown
    This new traffic light does not seem to have a loop detection activated. This light was installed to accommodate MBTA buses returning to the depot from Sullivan Sq. This is not a regular timed event and should utilize a sensor not a clock! The frequency of the light is currently exasperating the traffic flow in Sullivan Square already a disaster due to Construction around the rotary and on the Alford Street Bridge. this is a problem for both the northbound and southbound lights recently installed. They should be turned off until a sensor is installed and activated. The traffic around Sullivan Square is ridiculous and the Casino is not even open yet!
  • 29 Fairfield St Boston 02116, United States - Back Bay
    There is no delay between red lights on Comm and green lights on Fairfield, or vice versa. This causes numerous traffic collisions; at least 1 to 2 per month
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    1282–1406 Vfw Pkwy Boston 02132, United States - West Roxbury
    We need a traffic light here to get into the hospital. It is very hard to dart across the oncoming during rush hour or wait for a break.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    Milton Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Dorchester
    There is a one way "Stop" sign at the intersection of Milton Street and Neponsit Valley Parkway with traffic coming from three different directions. The stop sign is ignored and traffic flowing from Neponsit Valley Parkway into Milton Street is complicated. It is a very dangerous intersection and there should be a three way light to avoid crashes.
  • Litter Archived
    583-585 Washington St Boston 02124, United States - South Dorchester
    Good evening if either tonight or tomorrow please by 586 Washington street across from Walgreens Codman square Dorchester this bin over fill if someone can come by empty please and thank you
  • 185 Highland St Boston 02119, United States - Roxbury
    MA Commercial Plate T77861 has been parked on the sidewalk for over five hours. Side walk is blocked forcing pedestrians to cross into the street.
  • 97 W Concord St Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    west Concord St did not get swept today.. we all move our cars and then they dont come? by the time they came after 12, cars had moved back... in front of 98 storm drain is blocked with leaves and other litter
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    206 Clarendon St Boston, MA 02116, USA - Back Bay
    crosswalks at St James/Clarendon are almost completely eroded resulting in more aggressive driver behavior with greater risk to pedestrians
  • 29–35 Centre St Boston 02119, United States - Roxbury
    Abutter has not shoveled. Snow has now compacted into very dangerous and icy conditions.
  • 301 Warren St Boston 02119, United States - Roxbury
    Good morning Over by Warren st and Martin Luther king Blvd in Roxbury the traffic out of someone can come by take look at this please and thank you