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East eagle St. East Boston ma.02128 American Legion playground. On East eagle St. right before condor St. the 18 wheelers from the fish market are driving up the one way to turn around to pull into a spot at fish market or a 18 wheelers drives down East eagle St and can't clear the wires, so it keeps hitting them. This is happening every week there's a wire hanging from being hit by a truck that can't clear it. Is there any way a sign can be put up showing how the height that can't pass by the w

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  • 301 Warren St Boston 02119, United States - Roxbury
    Good morning Over by Warren st and Martin Luther king Blvd in Roxbury the traffic out of someone can come by take look at this please and thank you
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    57 Sullivan St Boston 02129, United States - Charlestown
    My morning commute and my evening commute today were impacted by people who chose to try and go through a yellow light to avoid a red light, only to be stopped and block an intersection. Can local or state police please monitor these areas?
  • 1230 Massachusetts Ave Boston 02125, United States - North Dorchester
    Car parked in a no parking zone, cars leaving our parking lot can’t see oncoming traffic dangerous
  • 51 Strathmore Rd Brighton, MA, 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    The intersection of Strathmore and Englewood should really either be a 4-way stop or have signs on Englewood indicating that traffic on Strathmore does not stop, it's always scary driving down Strathmore through this intersection because even if you slow down or stop to check, you can't see if someone's coming down Englewood due to the weird angle and parking on both sides and people do rocket through that intersection without stopping. Bigger stop signs, 4-way stop, a traffic light, warnings, speed bumps, etc. all could help but it's definitely pretty sketchy as it is and I'm surprised I haven't seen an accident here yet after having to drive or walk through it every day. There are also no crosswalks so its hard to travel through as a pedestrian
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    13–23 Devine Way Boston 02127, United States - South Boston
    Veterans Park. Two homeless individuals with a baby stroller come to this park and loiter all day, everyday. Two concerns are that 1) they have an unleashed and unlicensed dog that barks all day long and has become a noise nuisance to the surrounding community and 2) litter because there are no trash cans at the park. Have been asked to leave by the police but keep returning. Occasional marijuana use as well. Please address. Thank you.
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    107 Rosewood Street Boston Ma - Mattapan
    Commercial vehicle parked in residential parking space. Tow truck
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    Gilmore Bridge Boston 02114, United States - Charlestown
    There is construction that started at 5:30am today under one of the freeway underpasses by the Community College T stop. I could hear it from my apartment and don’t understand how the city has given a permit for construction that early in the morning.
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    1–19 Welles Ave Boston 02124, United States - South Dorchester
    Good morning On Welles street in Dorchrster on the side of the global ministries church this handicapped sign is on the ground across from the Codman Square Library. If someone get a chance to come to take look at this please and thank you
  • 42 Commonwealth Ave Boston 02116, United States - Back Bay
    Behind property in alley. Behind 28 Commonwealth Ave
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    27 Allston St Dorchrster Ma - South Dorchester
    Good morning, just at 609am the power on the street went down, probably because now the wind. If anyone get a chance to come by to take look at this. Thank you
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    1 Beacon St Boston, MA, 02108, USA - Central
    The "no left turn" sign on Beacon street is missing a screw. Currently it reads "no right turn" since it is upside down. The hazard in this situation could be someone from out of state or not familiar with the city mis-reads the sign. Mistakes the direction of one way traffic on Tremont street, and turns left, incorrectly, down Tremont street towards Government Center instead of taking a right, towards the Commons.
  • Pickup Archived
    48 Summer St Hyde Park, MA, 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Hover round riding chair
    Can this be put on the curb for pickup by the trash company