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East eagle St. East Boston ma.02128 American Legion playground. On East eagle St. right before condor St. the 18 wheelers from the fish market are driving up the one way to turn around to pull into a spot at fish market or a 18 wheelers drives down East eagle St and can't clear the wires, so it keeps hitting them. This is happening every week there's a wire hanging from being hit by a truck that can't clear it. Is there any way a sign can be put up showing how the height that can't pass by the w

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    338 E Eagle St Boston, MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    There are these trucks waking me up every morning drilling into the ground. The trucks sound like they are stuck in gear n are grinding at 7:30AM. All the neighbors are complaining about it. There was a meeting about this I wasn't aware of to sign a petition to stop this. I've lived at 297 East Eagle St. my whole life, so 36 years. This working these trucks are doing before 8AM is waking me up every day and it's a horrible noise. Legally isn't work suppose to wait until 8AM to begin, so it doesn't bother people who are sleeping, well I've been woken up again by these loud banging, grinding n beeping noises. Please stop
  • 68 Foster St Boston, MA 02109, USA - North End
    I have been complaining about this since Tuesday and it's just getting closed every day saying it's resolved yet I take new photos after every closure pricing that the glass is still there
  • Pothole Closed
    170-200 Alford St Charlestown, MA, 02129, USA - Charlestown

    Traveling south on RT 99 from encore to Bunker Hill community college there are many large deep potholes causing cars to have to swerve dangerously.

    Please fill in these holes. Today?

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    297 E Eagle St Boston, MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    Nissan Rogue SUV light grey Arthur F. Arsenault Sr. drives under the influence of alcohol on a daily basis. I'm concerned he's going to hit a child, since he lives across the street from American Legion Playground & clearly has no regard for children's life. I seen him almost hit a person coming up Glendon Street blow through the stop sign to take a left to park in front of his house. During the week he goes to the 99 to eat everyday n on the weekends he goes to the Erie Pub. Certain Saturdays he goes to NH to buy cartons of cigarettes that he sells n cases of Natural Light cause he's an alcoholic n there's enough cases to build a fort out of boxes in his basement. I know I have seen it my whole life. His disregard for human life after my 36 years I can't continue to watch it it's unacceptable.
  • 515 Adams St Boston 02122, United States - South Dorchester
    This vehicle has been parked in this same spot since August and has not moved. Half parked on the curb. With the upcoming snow this will cause difficulties with snow removal and parking bans on a Main Street.
  • 181 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA, 02115, USA - Fenway-Kenmore
    This is a bike lane, not a loading zone... it's absurd that this is happening during commuting hours (~8:45 am Monday) but of course it is illegal anytime. Can someone please speak to this liquor store and make sure they are aware that they cannot receive deliveries in the bike lane? The store is "Choice Fine Wines & Spirits"
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    Cambridge St Boston 02114, United States - Beacon Hill
    Pedestrian crossing signals never make sense and are out of sync. No one pays attention to them for this reason and this area becomes very dangerous
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    725 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215, USA - Fenway-Kenmore
    Painted bike lane completely ineffective. TNC vehicles stopped at curb, no regard given for bike safety. Please protect this lane before someone is killed.
  • 586 Rutherford Ave Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    there are many massive potholes coming from Alford st to Rutherford st under the bridge. they are massive. please help
  • 54-82 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA, 02115, USA - Back Bay
    MA 9AG 934 parked in bike lane during commuting hours.. there were several other cars also parked on Mass Ave - this is the only one I managed to get a photo of. Please station an officer here to ticket these offenders.
  • 133 Chiswick Rd Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Trash bins are still being returned completely blocking the sidewalk. Today I had to move four bones from the sidewalk to the open parking space so that anyone with low mobility could even get past. This ongoing issue is a major ada compliance problem.
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    269–285 Purchase St Boston, Massachusetts - Downtown
    Cars coming from the off ramp from I-93 to Purchase Street always run the red light only to stop on the crosswalks to stop at the second set of lights. This blocks pedestrian and handicap flow as it blocks the curb ramps and the cars speeding out of the off ramp is dangerous to pedestrians waiting to cross. There should be more enforcement during morning and evening rush hours.