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East eagle St. East Boston ma.02128 American Legion playground. On East eagle St. right before condor St. the 18 wheelers from the fish market are driving up the one way to turn around to pull into a spot at fish market or a 18 wheelers drives down East eagle St and can't clear the wires, so it keeps hitting them. This is happening every week there's a wire hanging from being hit by a truck that can't clear it. Is there any way a sign can be put up showing how the height that can't pass by the w

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  • Improper yield sign Acknowledged
    Rt-28 S Boston, MA, 02114, USA - Central
    Oncoming traffic from the right lane is supposed to yield and there have been several close calls. Please fix this sign so it's easier for the right lane to read and understand.
  • 21-29 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA, 02115, USA - Back Bay
    5-6 blue wheely bins left in the Mass Ave bike lane (inbound) on 2/19/19 at 8:45am. Looks like commercial recycling bins. Please ticket!
  • Other Acknowledged
    755 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215, USA - Fenway-Kenmore
    Bike lane not protected. The death of Paula Sharagan two days ago is a major reminder of why this is a problem. Today I see tons of TNC cars stopped in the bike lane, just as they are every day. Every day, bike riders are forced to merge into traffic, often traveling well above the speed limit, along Comm Ave. Would you feel safe allowing your kids to bike along this road?
  • Litter Archived
    45 Jeffries St East Boston, Ma - East Boston
    It’s hard to push my baby carriage when this heavy cone is blocking sidewalk access. Please have the city come over here and remove it immediately
  • Street Lights Archived
    90 Lyndhurst St Boston 02124, United States - South Dorchester
    Good morning their light feature hanging of the light if anyone when you have time to come by the address that list on this case thank you
  • Litter Archived
    328 Newbury St Boston - Back Bay
    Remove milk crates in front of newbury comics
  • 458 Western Ave Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Burke Distribution truck parked blocking traffic. There is a wide open parking lot they could back into, but instead they are holding up busses, endangering bike riders in the bike lane, and generally making western Ave unusable. Please work with the company to curb this behavior.
  • 139 Tremont St Boston 02116, United States - Beacon Hill
    Dead pigeon in the Common next to the path between the baseball field and cemetery
  • Other Acknowledged
    1950 Beacon St Boston, MA 02135, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Tonight I watched a massive pickup truck speed through the one way exit in the wrong direction (to avoid waiting at the light) before nearly running into a bunch of pedestrians crossing Sutherland Rd. Pedestrians don't expect vehicles coming the wrong way, and nothing has been done about this intersection for a long time. This one way isn't enforced, and should probably be removed. This would free up space for a truck loading zone (fewer large trucks parked across the parking area) and protect pedestrians.
  • Other Archived
    21 Harley St Boston 02124, United States - South Dorchester
    I know it’s going be busy day with the wind but if someone get a chance to come over to take look thank you
  • 127 Ma-2 Boston, MA 02116, USA - Back Bay
    complete lack of attention to steps and stairs
  • Other Archived
    7 Massachusetts Ave Boston 02115, United States - Back Bay
    Bike lane all along Mass Ave, particularly coming off of the bridge is blocked with snow and ice. Many flexposts have been destroyed. Please clear these lanes!