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Museum District/Rice/South Midtown

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  • Street Hazard Archived
    33-47 Sunset Blvd Houston, TX, 77005, USA - Rice
    Large metal plate in street on Sunset Blvd, near Brown College at Rice University. Not bolted to the ground, no signs of construction anywhere. It makes a very loud rattling/clanking noise every time a car goes over it. The noise is interfering with studying, sleep, etc and lowers quality of life for the residents nearby. Please bolt it down or remove it.
  • Stuart St & La Branch St Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Midtown
    This building has been abandoned for over a year now. It is a fire hazard and i have seen homeless people go into it to use drugs. The Developer has ignored calls and emails to either finish the project or demo the structure.
  • Other Acknowledged
    491 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77002, USA - US Congressional District TX7
    encampment has piled a load of trash at the spur off ramp and Richmond
  • Traffic Markings Acknowledged
    4825 Almeda Rd Houston 77004, United States - Medical
    The image attached is an Example of vehicles attempting to turn left in the wrong lane; causing confusion and unnecessary bottlenecks; and potentially, an accident. Request for re-striping the lane lines, or at the very least, re-striping the median lane.
  • 4401 San Jacinto Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    Come on Houston!!! This is just as bad as Turner's tent city! Blocking the sidewalks with garbage and hordes of transients is creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians and motorists.
  • Trash/Debris Archived
    1317 Elgin St Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Midtown

    I take my dog to Glover park to play fetch, and there have been vagrants/ people sleeping and leaving trash on the wooden stage area next to the park.

    Midtown installed electrical outlets that vagrants now use to charge their phones while they sleep and leave trash there, but no water fountain for the dog park?

    A few weeks ago one individual approached another individual and the situation escalated enough to where I had to leave the park with my dog.

    Pick up the trash, take away the electrical outlets to discourage people from sleeping there., put a water fountain at the dog park instead.

  • 3014 Caroline St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    People cutting the grass are leaving this section (photo attached) for 3+ months. it compromises the safety of people in the neighborhood.
  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    903 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Midtown
    bent bike metal thing
  • 3301–3399 Crawford St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    URGENT: There are numerous vagrants and homeless people setting up camp in this disgusting abandoned building, which is one stray cigarette away from becoming a fire hazard. Police have been called several times due to theft of patio furniture from neighboring homes. These buildings are a disgrace to midtown and the owner (I believe it is bank owned since the builders presumably ran out of money to finish) need to be held accountable. ACTION NEEDED SOON!!!
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Richmond Ave Houston 77002, United States - Montrose
    Piles of trash
  • 4760-4798 Almeda Rd Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Medical
    The invasiveness of many commercial patrons on this block that have no consideration and feel like they can do whatever they want (park anywhere, jaywalk, cruise down the street @5mph) is intolerable. Sometimes, when you confront these individuals, they make you feel like its your fault that THEY are not following the rules!
  • Trash/Debris Archived
    4300-4398 Caroline St Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Midtown
    Sofa cushions, for an illegally dumped sofa on the Caroline promenade east of FIESTA that was picked up Tuesday 9/3, were taken by loiterers and are now being used as "lounging cushions" under 59 @ Wheeler. There is also trash accumulating at that location, as well. Also, there is what appears to be a metal FIESTA shopping cart at that location. It looks to be filled with personal belongings of a loiterer who has been hanging out there for several days. Please assist in getting this area cleaned up.