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  • 103 Ne 16th Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Please remove trash, chairs, stumps, cigarette butts etc.. from this location at the Circle K exit and sidewalk. If the city/county allows this then it must clean it up. Very tired of putting in same requests. Can a supervisor check this area daily and complete cleanup. Can someone please confirm if this is city or county right of way??
  • 101 Ne 16th Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Vagrants continue to litter the area under tree near Circle K exit. The public drinking and drugging goes on at this location despite numerous reports to GPD, Codes and City Commission. Isn't anyone listening?
  • 530 W University Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Large crowd of people and vehicles parked on private property grass lot near Santa Fe. Very loud explicit music being emitted from multiple vehicles.
  • 1301-1599 Ne 2nd St Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    In the woods behind the Main St. post office and by Tom Petty Park, a homeless encampment is beginning to come back after being cleared out. 2 nights ago they had a four foot tall campfire. Fire Department was called by a neighbor, but it had burned down by the time they got there. Neighbor was told since they could not see it, they could not enter the property. Neighbor has also spoken with GPD (non-emergency number) about the unsafe conditions and partying going on and was told there was nothing they could do. This area needs attention, it is unsafe and a fire could break out from their campfires.
  • Nw 2nd Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The Fletchers crowd has taken over the Pleasant Street neighborhood again. Loud vehicle music, people yelling in the streets, cars illegally parking in privately owned grass lots and racing up and down the streets In their vehicles. Very large crowd. No police presence or control of the situation.
  • 9401-9463 Nw 43rd St Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - Gainesville
    A very large area, too large to even be called a pothole, has developed. The asphalt seems to have disappeared leaving a large crater that is several inches deep and several feet wide. It's so wide that it's really not possible to go around it, you just have to drive very slowly through it. We drive SUVs but I'm pretty sure in a normal car the underside would get scraped because of how it deep it is. It's incredibly dangerous, especially if you didn't know it was there and didn't come to a complete stop before trying to drive around/through it.
  • 619 Nw 5th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Fletcher's lounge had another wild Street party last night that ended in gun shots. Why is this one business allowed to disregard laws and regulations by parking on sidewalks in the middle of the street on lawns and create a hazard to the community and make it unlivable for other people? Who is paying for the mess left over the next morning. There is broken glass and garbage all over 5th avenue. why isn't the city, GPD, and code enforcement not enforcing the laws? Why is nobody doing anything about this? Who is responsible?
  • Fletcher's Archived
    620 Nw 5th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Once again Fletcher's crowd is loud and disrespectful. On Sunday night a steady stream if loud cars a yelling people made it impossible for me to be comfortable in my home own home. When will the city care for the needs of the residents in the neighborhood and not make Fletchers an exception to the laws and ordinances the rest of us must live by.
  • 200 Ne 16th Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    The drug dealing and public drunkenness continues around the Circle K, Beverage Mart and along the wooded area of NE 2nd St. This is a dangerous area. The areas shopkeepers and public are frustrated by the lack of enforcement and response from city commissioners. There are no consequences expected from these flagrant violators. Please assist.
  • 517 Se 2nd Pl Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The park is becoming a camp with trash like this left regularly. currently there are several people sleeping in the park, including in the playground. I'm tired of the trash left behind and tired of not being able to take my child to our neighborhood park because it is being used by adults as housing. We need to address this growing problem with something more than sending a crew to clean up trash.
  • 104 Se 4th Pl Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    St. Francis Pet Care Clinic currently has several spaces in front of their clinic blocked, as they have during their Tuesday morning clinics since they moved there a few weeks ago. Last week someone ran over cones and parked there anyway, and someone came out and angrily insisted they move. Asked why, they said there's a truck that when it leaves the St. Francis House driveway in the lower left corner and turns left onto one-way 4th Pl has trouble getting through when cars are parked there. Those are legal parking spaces on a city street. How can they prevent neighborhood residents from parking there for 5 hours every Tuesday for some truck I've never seen? I called 955-1818 but no one has come.
  • 730 Ne Waldo Rd Gainesville, FL, 32641, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    The vacant lot immediately north of the Evangelical Children's Services building is being occupied by a construction trailer, at least two trucks, and a car parked in front (For Sale, jammed with belongings, and without a license plate). The chain link fence across the frontage of the lot was partially taken apart to allow the parking of these vehicles. Is this lot owned by the company using it for this purpose? It seems to be a convenient place for anyone to park whatever they want.