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  • 9401-9463 Nw 43rd St Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - Gainesville
    A very large area, too large to even be called a pothole, has developed. The asphalt seems to have disappeared leaving a large crater that is several inches deep and several feet wide. It's so wide that it's really not possible to go around it, you just have to drive very slowly through it. We drive SUVs but I'm pretty sure in a normal car the underside would get scraped because of how it deep it is. It's incredibly dangerous, especially if you didn't know it was there and didn't come to a complete stop before trying to drive around/through it.
  • Fletcher's Acknowledged
    620 Nw 5th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Once again Fletcher's crowd is loud and disrespectful. On Sunday night a steady stream if loud cars a yelling people made it impossible for me to be comfortable in my home own home. When will the city care for the needs of the residents in the neighborhood and not make Fletchers an exception to the laws and ordinances the rest of us must live by.
  • 619 Nw 5th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Fletcher's lounge had another wild Street party last night that ended in gun shots. Why is this one business allowed to disregard laws and regulations by parking on sidewalks in the middle of the street on lawns and create a hazard to the community and make it unlivable for other people? Who is paying for the mess left over the next morning. There is broken glass and garbage all over 5th avenue. why isn't the city, GPD, and code enforcement not enforcing the laws? Why is nobody doing anything about this? Who is responsible?
  • Nw 43rd Way Gainesville, FL, 32653, USA - 311GNV Police Sector 1

    "Tall weeds have taken over the walkway with high tension powerlines that goes from entrance to San Felasco park to the entrance of Blues Creek. The weeds are destroying the narrow asphalt roadway. It was nice walkway and bike path in the past. Now it is an eyesore and bikers and walkers are avoiding it as it is too dangerous."

    I had posted this issue some time back. Last week when I went for a walk in this trail I found the path was completely cleared and it was job well done. The path and the adjacent area next to the walk is totally cleared and appears neat and trimmed. The gate to the San Felasco park at the entrance is also being closed at dust in recent weeks which is another good job by the parks department.
    Kudos to all involved and well done.

  • Other Archived
    Nw 27th Terrace And Nw 16th Avenue Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    The downward pointing arrow (indicating the new crosswalk) on the north side of NW 16th Avenue obstructs drivers' view of oncoming westbound traffic. One needs to pull out into the bike lane to see traffic before exiting Brywood.
  • Other Archived
    1748 Nw 12th Rd Gainesville Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    This house is rented as an AirBnB or short-term lease, and regularly has large numbers of cars and strangers staying in our residential neighborhood. Today while walking our dog, we were set upon by two large (at least 80lb) german shepherds who rushed from this house towards our dog while we were in the street. It was TERRIFYING. We screamed and yelled at the dogs and eventually two young men emerged from the house and took the dogs inside. It was very frightening. If this homeowner is going to allow pets to be part of her rental agreements, then she should be required to have a fenced yard. This is completely unacceptable.
  • Other Archived
    Ne 16th Ave And N. Main Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Individuals continue drink & drug deal at the NE 16th Ave side of Circle K. They often block sidewalk, distract drivers and leave trash everyday. Booze and tobacco litter is evidence enough to trespass this group from this location. When inebriated enough they lay passed out on the grass, then comes EMS. Problem is out of hand. Commissioners??
  • Road Repair Archived
    Address Unavailable - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    alachua county came out and graded Northwest 142nd avenue and totally screwed it up there are large rocks everywhere and it is worse than before they came out and did thisI I cannot believe that they left the road in the condition that it's in right now. They need to come fix it. There is no way that any of our county commissioners would want to drive down this road to get to their homes. why should we have to put up with it.
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    Fw Buchholz High School 4500 NW 27th Ave, Gainesville, FL, 32606, USA - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    The bushes from the former Barr Systems (now owned by Paul Thur de Koos) have been overgrown for years. I've complained to Tony Barr and now to Mr. deKoos, and nothing is done. They grow over the fence into my yard, and the height is ridiculous, nearly 25 feet high, for bushes. These are not trees. They blot out the sunlight and we get no breeze because of these unsightly and unkempt, weed filled bushes.
  • 101 Ne 16th Ave Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    Vagrants continue to litter the area under tree near Circle K exit. The public drinking and drugging goes on at this location despite numerous reports to GPD, Codes and City Commission. Isn't anyone listening?
  • Noise Complaint Acknowledged
    3515 Sw 39 Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 2
    Loud neighbors. constantly yelling and playing loud enough music that you can hear it outside of the building about 8-12 hours a day
  • 517 Se 2nd Pl Gainesville, FL 32601, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The park is becoming a camp with trash like this left regularly. currently there are several people sleeping in the park, including in the playground. I'm tired of the trash left behind and tired of not being able to take my child to our neighborhood park because it is being used by adults as housing. We need to address this growing problem with something more than sending a crew to clean up trash.