5th Ward

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The neighborhood is tired of the dumping!

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  • Other Acknowledged
    4906 Hialeah Drive Houston, TX 77092, United States of America - Northwest
    Vehicle has been at the location for months and has not moved.
  • 5610 De Milo Dr Houston 77092, United States - Northwest
    This place put out heavy trash during heavy brush pick up month.
  • 4908 Saxon Drive Houston, TX 77092, United States of America - Northwest
    Trash everywhere at car wash ends up on properties of homes in neighborhood
  • 810 West 41st Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    The drainage project has caused the area at 810 w 41sr and the homes adjacent and across the street to have water backed up covering the streets. The city has been out multiple times and says it is fixed and if never has been fixed. If causes kids to have to mingle with cars in the middle of the street and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • 5606 De Lange Ln Houston 77092, United States - Northwest
    Owner put a toilet outside and other heavy trash. This is definitely a health hazard.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    7630 Antoine Dr Houston 77088, United States - Northwest
  • Sewer Wastewater Acknowledged
    5607 Chantilly Ln Houston 77092, United States - Northwest

    After street flooding 2 weeks ago this greasy sludge from the man hole was left all over the sidewalk and grass in my yard

    This happens every time Brickhouse Gully comes out of banks

    You have been out here before for this -most recently after the heavy rains on July 4th

    I’m asking for a cleanup. I have more pictures if you like but this app only lets me send 1 picture

  • Other Acknowledged
    5102 W 43rd St Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    for our neighborhood our last recycling pickup was almost a month ago it's been three weeks actually and for our local trash it has been two weeks the last pick up for both Recycling and trash was before Christmas and trash is piling up in the neighborhood
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    5415 Poinciana Dr Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Abandoned vehicle at 5415 Poinciana Dr. 3 -4 weeks
    Expired Ohio plate AA98VL
    Lexus RX 300
    Becoming a magnate for theft. Just tonight saw two young men rummaging through this car. When they saw me they walked away down the street.
  • 4906 Libbey Ln Houston 77092, United States - Northwest
    Mattress has been on sidewalk for 3 months
  • Other Archived
    1322 Saddle Rock Dr Houston, TX 77088, USA - Northwest
    Deed restrictions violation - 1322 Saddle Rock Dr.
  • Drainage Closed
    6046–6098 Victory Dr Houston 77088, United States - Northwest
    With less than an inch of rain at the nearby Harris county rain gauge this intersection will stay flooded four hours.