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  • 2712–2816 Green Mountain Rd Se Huntsville 35803, United States - Huntsville
    This tree has been dead for several years. The bark has started letting go and it is not long before it lets go completely. I wanted to get it posted before the leaves start falling from the other trees because then it is not very noticeable. It is weighted on the side facing the road and leans a little making it more apt to fall across the road.
  • 3503 S Broad Pl Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    Neighbor is a junk collector and has completely covered yard and porch with junk. Porch is covered by very tacky tarp (in historical district and yard is littered with junk. Couch in front yard, trash everywhere.
  • 4324 Chalet Cir Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville

    This house is in violation of the city's minimum housing standards.

    1: The siding is in bad condition and has chipping paint / lacks paint.

    2: Front window is boarded over.

    Please have this house brought into compliance. Thank you.

  • 1202 Joshua Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Huntsville community development... 2 weeks and no results? Grass/weeds need to be cut!!!
  • Research Park Blvd Nw Huntsville, AL, 35806, USA - Huntsville

    I'm always confused as to who is responsible for road work, so if this isn't the city could you provide a link to the state to complain to?

    COMPLAINT: WHY is the speed limit on 255 45 MPH during the day when there is NO CONSTRUCTION going on? ESPECIALLY, WHY the speed limit on the SOUTH bound lanes when all the work is currently being done on the NORTH bound lanes.

    PLEASE REMOVE SPEED RESTRICTION when work isn't is progress.

  • 2228 Kamis Cir Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville

    Listening to City Council District 1- Lots of things getting torn down, which will put lien on property, that's trying to get resolved. To no avail. Attorney explained the issue. Public asked, what happens to this property and do friends buy it in certain districts.?. To know answer. Last week in August Public brought an issue he felt was unfair, District 1, Disrespectfully dismissed him and said he'd talk to his friend about it over at the Corporate office of the entity. Its sad that this Tennant was spoken to in that manner, especially when its in district 4.

    Is District 1 apart of the " Comeback Group" in North Huntsville? September 07. 2019, You can see our City Of Huntsville, Real Estate,Credit Repair,ect, it says in our Thriving town.

    How come just District 1? What about Real Estate Agents in all of Huntsville Districts? In last years episodes Huntsville City was apart of a show....


    "Love & Marriage: Huntsville centers around the lives of three high-powered African-American couples who come together to revitalize the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama through their joint real estate venture, The Comeback Group. The couples are longtime friends and avid socialites with strong personalities and strong points of view, each facing the realities of dealing with love and marriage while wanting to make this huge undertaking a success. Along the way there will be laughter, tears, heated arguments and even a wedding as they try to transform both the city and their relationships to achieve their dreams. Will they succeed at mixing business with pleasure? Or will the personal quarrels make foes of the longtime friends? Love & Marriage: Huntsville is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment for ITV America. Carlos King, Gil Lopez and Andrew Hoagland are executive producers"

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  • Harden Ave Sw & Seminole Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    Dumpster to close to fire exit at Residential Apts.. Not enough room for all rubbish/ect. Should be a fenced in area for sanitary and health concerns as well as ADA compliant in case residents have to exit out stairwell. There is flying garbage , trees fallen on north side still lying near cars. Limbs over lights and electrical poles. Huntsville Standards are rewarding bad behavior of gross mismanagement of certain boards doing no upkeep or passing the buck to maintenance which can't do it all.
  • 1521 Locust Cir Se Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Tree limbs and bushes in road blocking one lane of traffic coming around a curve.
  • 13032 Chaney Thompson Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    High grass and weeds completely block the sidewalk
  • 516 Cleermont Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    The top of a tree has broken off and is hanging over the street. It is dangerous and will block the street when it comes down.
  • 620 Eustis Ave Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    There are weeds 5’ tall and vines draping shrubs so much that you cannot see snakes coming from underneath them. Vermin has been spotted, too. There is a vine growing up the stop sign at White Street, which appears to have been cut up high at some point but not truly killed or removed. This property is a major safety issue and is an eyesore to our city.
  • 15119 Balsam Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    I submittted a request for repair a couple of weeks ago. Tonight while walking my dog, I noticed that the street light was flickering off and on. It stays off for a long while...comes on for a second or two and then goes out again.