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    2511 Gladstone Dr Ne Huntsville 35811, United States - Huntsville
    Good size hole or cave - sinkhole?? In my backyard. Not sure what my next step is. I would think it involves for you to come out and give me some ideas on what to do next.
    Lee Lester 256-682-2057
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    207 White St Ne Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Hissing sound coming from water meter and icicle frozen patch of ground between meter and street. It appears to quickly getting worse.
  • 348 S Back Creek Rd Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    I'm the President of our HOA and it has been reported to me that this sewer will have water coming up out of it during rain storms. I tried to clear some of the debris from the top of the lid, just to confirm it was sanitary and not a storm drain.
  • 15 Atherton Cir Sw Huntsville, AL, 35824, USA - Huntsville
    In the neighborhood common area across the street from 15 Atherton Circle there is leftover asphalt that was dumped in the city right of way. Can this please be removed and grass seed put down? Thank you.
  • 829 West Arbor Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Homeless people have been setting up living spaces behind our house as well as neighboring houses in the neighborhood and destroying fencing and property. To correct the issue prior to this complaint law enforcement were contacted and no course of action was taken.
  • Water Leaks Archived
    6408 Marsh Ave. Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    There appears to be a water leak from under the middle of the road. This spot has become always wet over the last couple of weeks.
  • Water Leaks Archived
    Five Points Shopping Center 594 Randolph Street Southeast, Huntsville, AL 35801, United States of America - Huntsville
    Water coming through the pavement
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    2211 Apache Dr Nw Huntsville 35810, United States - Huntsville
    Dogs are constantly running loose in the neighborhood. Refuse to keep them (1 large & 1 small) on their own property. Both are in danger of being hurt and are preventing other neighbors from walking their pets. This is becoming a serious issue for surrounding properties.
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    Pinedale Drive Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Please have the street cleaners come down Cerro Vista and Pinedale Drive. There are so many leaves and pine needles in the road that when it rains, water is not draining properly. It's been over a year since these roads have been cleaned, and elementary students are forced to walk in puddles.
  • Water Leaks Archived
    2603 Trellis Post Ct Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - Huntsville
    water is spilling from water valve next to fire hydrant that is now running down the curb toward other residents. The area in which the water is coming from is on/near property of 2603 Trellis Post
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    13501 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    West side of Chaney Thompson Rd. big power pole has cable wires coming from the pole and laying on ground for over thirty feet. Move North up Chaney Thompson Rd. on the East side and large pile of wires next to another pole. City needs to have some procedure for cable companies and penalties if not followed.
  • 1 Bannut Ct Sw Huntsville, AL, 35824, USA - Huntsville
    In one of the Lake Forest neighborhood common areas (and in city's ROW) *across from 1 Bannut Court* dirt was excavated for some type of utility work and it was never leveled back out, there is a pile of dirt there. Please level it back out so there is not a pile of dirt there. Thank you!