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  • 4500 Lakeview Dr Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville
    Please consider adding speed bumps to Lakeview Dr. The traffic down this street easily exceeds 40 miles an hour as a normal traveling speed. when people are really speeding the easily exceed 60MPH. I guess the hill is too much temptation and many drivers floor it down the hill. I am afraid to have my grandchildren to play in the yard for fear someone will loose control and come off the road way. At minimum radar set up on the south side of Lakeview on Lance road will slow the drivers and fill the city's coffers. Speed bumps would be the preferred solution. Thank you.
  • 9507 Hemlock Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Please have the city road crew that worked corner of Hemlock and Holder today come back and repair the damage to my yard that they made backing vehicles. Tread marks all over my side yard. So upset there was noconaideration for my property. Loretta Weninegar 2566559456
  • 10203 Plantation Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    I have at least a dozen cables laying all over the easement along the back of my property. I've called the cable companies all of them say they're not their cables. I would like to maintain my backyard having just cut down a large tree that was in the easement that no one would claim. I'm now faced with trying to put the fence back up but there's cables all over the place never mind when I mow my yard I get these cables tied up in my mower. I don't know what to do to fix this at this point besides just mow them over and that's just not right please help me.
  • Veterans Drive Southeast Huntsville, AL 35803, United States of America - Huntsville

    There is a lot of mud and debris on sidewalk and exposed pipe propped up with stones on sidewalk connecting woodhurst dr and veterans drive. It is a dangerous place for pedestrians since traffic traveling downhill are often going fast and going too far over to the left side (outside their lane).

    There are no stripes on the road to encourage drivers to keep to their lane.

    Sidewalk needs to be cleaned off and pipe installation completed

  • 10001-10019 Willow Cove Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Another problem caused by a Telcom contractor - driving their truck through the grass on the S side of Weatherly E of Willow Cove Rd has left deep ruts in the grass and mud covering the sidewalk.
  • 3210 Fairacres Rd Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    Tree roots have raised the public sidewalk at 3210 Fairacres Road. The tree has been cut down and stump ground out so now the sidewalk can be repaired without becoming damaged again. Please grind sidewalk so that it is level. Thank you so much.
  • 2309 Oakwood Ave Ne Huntsville 35811, United States - Huntsville

    I'm leaving the dugout open because it's half full of water and needs to drain -- I didn't notice a leak until done watering the beds, and am not sure if it's the spigot or the hose that's leaking. I strongly suspect the hose, because this year it has a few pinholes (I'm soaked) and will need to be replaced as soon as I can $do that.

    I'll swing by tomorrow and close up the dugout if still open.

    Trish / Oak Park Community Garden

  • 731–761 Bob Wallace Ave Sw Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    There are two street lights next to the HSV City Schools Administrative Annex Building. One is completely out, & there’s another one next to it that’s very dim.
  • 313 Beaver Ridge Trl Sw Huntsville, AL, 35824, USA - Huntsville
    Utility line at 313-315 Beaver Ridge Trl needs to be buried. It looks like it's coming out of the AT&T box.
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    12317–12323 Chicamauga Trl Se Huntsville 35803, United States - Huntsville
    Large commercial vehicle always parked (stored) on residential street. Traffic hazard in area of heavy residential traffic.
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    2511 Gladstone Dr Ne Huntsville 35811, United States - Huntsville
    Good size hole or cave - sinkhole?? In my backyard. Not sure what my next step is. I would think it involves for you to come out and give me some ideas on what to do next.
    Lee Lester 256-682-2057
  • 1510 Big Cove Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    City grate over sewer on our driveway by the street has separated with a 5-6" gap enough for a small foot to fall through. This 18-20ft grade is curved upward as well 3-4"on the west end. Joggers and those walking the street have stumbled over and fallen on the grate. This has become a dangerous situation and a lawsuit just waiting for the City. Please replace this grate with one that fits properly. Thank you.