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  • 2700 7th Ave Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville

    2700 7th Avenue.

    Residents living long term in a camper in the back yard of residence, junk cars in yard, building materials and junk all over back yard. Broken dump truck in front yard. I also believe they have been building without a permit.

    Same family that owns 2203 2nd st and 2703 7th ave. Have complained to the city with no results.

  • Other Archived
    501 Farmingdale Rd Se Huntsville 35803 United States - Huntsville
    Commercial truck with wide trailer parked on Chicamauga Trail. Restricts traffic to one lane and blocks view of drivers entering or exiting Farmingdale Rd.
  • Belcrest Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    weeds growing at the corner of Belcrest and Monte sano blvd allow poor view of oncoming cars from the south
  • 3905 Timbercrest Dr Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville
    Constant noise from machinery and excessive traffic from mower and car customers.
  • 650 Summer Cove Cir Nw Madison, AL, 35757, USA - Huntsville
    This concrete needs to be repaired on the curb it’s been broken for years I have reported it to our HOA but got nothing done.
  • 14023 Galveston Cir Sw Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    This neighbor moved away over a year ago to Colorado. He was waiting to see if he got hired on full time within 6 months then he would go ahead make arrangements to sale his home. The grass was an issue back then. His dad dropped in to check on his home and we provided him a number of a person to mow their lawn. The lawn man had trouble collecting from the family so the father paid him. It's that time of year again and the grass is becoming an issue again..they hired people to paint and fix up their home. They weed whacked the front yard in fear of snakes in the lawn so they could rinse their paint brushes but they never returned. We've been patience as neighbors but we should not have to worry about their lawn attracting snakes, rodents and potentially becoming a fire hazard as the summer becomes hotter. If you could please handle this matter if would be very much appreciated. I sent a text to the father over a month ago and nothing has been done about it. Thank you for your time.
  • Harvard Rd Sw & Marsheutz Ave Sw Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Can we have a police car come at around 3:00 to patrol Marsheutz Ave for cars parking in front of the stop sign before school lets out? Cars have been idling in the middle of the road at the stop sign for about 15 minutes before school lets out and blocking traffic. They can easily circle the block if they wish and not block driveways and the road.
  • 10119 Versailles Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville


    Our home was built around 1978. We purchased it in 2004. This year, we were told by HVAC repair that our air conditioniner is now illegal to repair because of environmental regulations. We are facing spending thousands of dollars to purchase a central air conditioning unit. We have purchased three window units for the bedrooms and run fans constantly, but I’m worried about the coming extreme heat of a Huntsville summer. Does the city have any programs to help us purchase a new air conditioning unit?


  • Street Paving Archived
    2100 Sharon St Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville
    Alone with the 2200 block of Sharon street needs desperately re-paved. This neighborhood is in desperately attention of the Landlord of this rental homes in the neighborhood. 3880 block of Mallory Avenue this is residential area not a commercial business zone.
  • 1502 Mountainbrook Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    My next door neighbor at 1502 Mountainbrook Drive has never trimmed bushes, removed dead bushes and rarely has the yard mowed. Although he has zero pride in his place, I do know that he isn't breaking any laws. My concern is that I have seen an uptick in rodents that appear to be coming from his back yard. How can the city help with this problem?
    Thank you,
  • 3728-3898 S Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Asplunch Tree Company is cutting down oak and crape myrtle trees in the South Parking lot, just past Huntsville Tennis Center (2305 Airport Rd), towards the baseball field. There has been no inspection of each tree for Bird Nests or other Wildlife!!!! They started cutting and shredding trees as of Thursday, May 16th. I have watched, and without inspections, they have continued cutting and shredding!!!! All Wildlife should be protected!!! And trees SHOULD be inspected before they are cut down!!!!! This company is not doing inspections!!!! I have issued complaints to Asplundh and Alabama Department of Environmental Management. This is also happened with the Golf Course as they are expanding and rebuilding that area of John Hunt Park. More trees that I can count, have been dug up, cut up, burned and shredded without any inspection of trees for wildlife!!! A horrible disregard of nature!!!!! Something should be done about this!!!!! I will continue to look for links regarding a blatant disregard of nature!!!!
  • 7806 Lauderdale Rd Sw Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Can axle is broken. One wheel is completely off, and cracked. Can was set too hard on curb when garbage truck emptied it.