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  • 6401 Matic Rd Nw Huntsville, AL, 35810, USA - Huntsville
    Wheel has come completely off.
  • Other Archived
    4065 Sewall Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    This residence is becoming an Automotive Shop day and night...
  • 1601 Rison Ave Ne Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    I believe there is poison ivy growing on our fence from the alley behind our house. Would someone come and spray the weeds? Thanks
  • 3004 Barcody Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Street light completely out on pole just before 3400.
  • 101 Featherstone Ln Se Huntsville 35763, United States - Huntsville
    Because of shrubs, trees, and other growth, visibility is impaired at the intersection of Featherstone Lane and Caldwell Lane. Specifically, drivers on Featherstone Lane who stop at the stop sign at Caldwell Lane have difficulty seeing oncoming (west-bound) traffic from the right. This is becoming a greater problem as more and more new homes are built at the end of Caldwell Lane and the traffic increases.
  • 308 Fountain Cir Sw Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville

    This issue was handled some time ago:

    The report can be closed!

  • 2004 Polk Dr Ne Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Huntsville Utilities is not acknowledging my issue even after Landscape Management has assigned it to them twice:
  • 703 Mccullough Ave Ne Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Commercial building has chipping paint.
  • 3915–3999 Cobb Rd Sw Huntsville 35805, United States - Huntsville
    The owner of this apartment complex must be a real nitwit. Instead of providing a place for the residents to throw away the trash, they have provided look-alike city cans. We all know Huntsville utilities has no responsibility to enter these cans. As such trash is continually building up here. This is visible from Drake, everybody who leaves the arsenal can see this. I love Huntsville and appreciate the city workers. It’s time we held the owner of this apartment complex responsible.
  • Water Leaks Archived
    811-899 Chambers Dr Ne Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Water leak indicated by water coming through the pavement.
  • 7702 Saxon Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Our garbage can was put out the night before scheduled pick up date which we do at all times. Employee did not pick our garbage up. Everyone on our street and surrounding streets did have theirs picked up. Yes I did call garbage office. Our garbage was not running over the lid is closed completely. It is not by our mailbox or anyone else's mailbox. And there is nothing else by the can all day on Friday. After I heard garbage truck go by I went to put can back by house and that is when I found out he did not pick our garbage up. I was told by waste management office they turned in a email with my info. We are not the reason why it was not picked up and I did not appreciate being talked to saying it was probably over full which it was not then asked if it was by mailbox which we never put by mailbox and asked if there was any other obstruction by can, which there was not. I am home due to disability and I generally hear the trucks as they go by. I asked the young lady what are we supposed to do now with our garbage because there is not room for anymore so now it will be over filled and I will not appreciate being charged a fee for excess garbage when it is not our fault and we pay our utilities with garbage pick up fee every month. I have left the can at the road and in this heat it will not smell good at all. I still do not know what to do with excess garbage. Thank you for your time, Deborah Burnett 256 426 6944
  • 300-398 White St Ne Huntsville, AL, 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Piles and piles of trash from last 2 storms still piled up...down schifman st from pratt... some piles where in bags until homeless torn them open looking to see what was in bages....also both side street large limbs put there all over neighborhood....need the big truck with pick up arm....I have seen them pick up trash on other side but not this street ....we pay taxes to...please help keep our neighborhood clean...the community