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  • 8416 International Blvd Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    An older Southwind tan/brown motor home parked on International Blvd since Saturday 05/23/2020
  • 1470 88th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    Box spring misc furniture and wood
  • 8425 Olive St - Webster
  • 8400–8424 Bancroft Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Castlemont

    On Bancroft at 84th

    Black sedan missing all four tires and other parts

  • 8509–8561 Bancroft Ave Oakland 94605, United States - Castlemont
    Dumped mattress on median at BANCROFT and 85th
  • 2112 90th Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Castlemont
    This Acura 2.3CL has parked here for close to a month. This car has been ticketed before but nothing has been done. Its creating attention where the "owner" will solicit sex inside it. Please remove this car immediately.
  • 9020 Bancroft Ave Oakland 94603, United States - Castlemont

    90th and Bancroft

    Dumped stool

  • 8360 Iris St Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Vehicle has been parked here over 2 weeks. It’s a Lexus 4door sedan gray in color with dealer paper plates
  • Bancroft Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Hit by a Vehicle while crossing in a cross walk on Piedmont Ave. I had a green light with walk sign in my favor while crossing at Piedmont Ave towards the Citi Bank. Vehicles do not stop for pedestrians or are on their cellphones. I have also witnessed drivers speeding over the unposted speed of 25 mph. Where the heck are these sign s and the OPD. This street is becoming more and more dangerous for everyone.
  • 83rd Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Multiple abandoned cars and motor home which poses a significant safety/health issue for the area. Its a Honda. Its been sitting for more then a week. This vehicle is parked in the handicap stall at the school.
  • 8309 Olive St Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
    white Camry
  • 9008 Cherry St Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Cox
    Been there for weeks hasn’t been moved