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  • 1934 83rd Ave Oakland CA 94621, United States - Webster
    Black Chrysler no engine transmission doors hood trunk bumpers no plates been on street for a week
  • 2466-2598 83rd Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Black vehichle with smashed windows parked at the end of 83rd nearest MacArthur blvd. Its been there for a month or so. Someone is living in it.
  • Address Unavailable - Castlemont
    car has been stripped and left in front of our school.
  • Santa fe Archived
    1726 87th Avenue Oakland, California - Webster
    car is taking up 2 spaces. owner says handicap children can't park in front of her house.
  • 1939 83rd Ave Oakland CA 94621, United States - Webster
    VW Beetle been sitting in same spot for 6 weeks plus no move registration out of date
  • 86th Ave & Olive St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Castlemont
    Vehicle has been parked on olive st on the side of 2000 86th Ave for over 3 months.
  • 84th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    Grey/silver late model Lincoln 4 door sedan. Tagged with yellow, black, and blue graffiti. Windows busted out on all sides, tires on flat with a busted axel. A dead Christmas tree on the trunk.
  • 1419 Auseon Ave Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Webster
  • 1600 87th Ave Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster

    2L33 - advd for trash pickup. car parts, 2x4's, refrigerator, and furniture - about 2 truck loads

    Dispatcher 80

  • 8300-8398 Holly St Oakland, CA, 94621, USA - Webster
    In front of All Nations Church between the stop sign and sweeping sign someone illegally dumped 2 child car seats, one carriage, 2 bags of clothing and trash, a crate of food, and electronic equipment.
  • 2401-2433 90th Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Castlemont
    There is a couch, mattress, love seat and other trash dumped in the street under a big palm tree on 90th ave near Palmera court
  • 8425 Olive St - Webster