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All residents of Ridge Road, drivers on Main St. Ext.

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  • 1070-1240 Millbrook Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
  • Bad Driver Archived
    261-327 Tryon St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    One of these houses has a driver of a large Dodge SUV that blindly backs into the road and blocks it. Be careful of bad angry drivers.
  • 1-203 Poplar Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Cut brush from homeowner is in the road causing this section of the road to be one lane around a treacherous corner. Poplar Road is still a mess from the last storm. Homeowners take some action on your property before someone gets hurt or killed!
  • Ridge Rd Middletown, CT - Middletown
    On Ridge Rd in front of the cemetary, just north of Randolph, there is a cable tv or phone wire that is partially down and stuck on the fence picket. It's been there since the Nor'easter in October. There is a cone there too. It looks like Comcast probably forgot about this one.
  • 110 Washington St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Due to bridge construction, this light as well as the one leading to the bridge are causing gridlock.
  • bad road Archived
    114-194 Fowler Ave Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    this road is horrible and needs to be fixed!
  • 675 East Main Street Middletown, CT - Middletown
    In the area where East Main Street becomes Millbrook road and also forks to Sandhill road there is about 3-7 cars that park on the street (on a daily basis) which is a unnecessary distraction, to me its like parking on a corner which is legal so why allow this to happen? Also there is a fire hydrant there if emergency vehicles needed to get to that hydrant they would be blocking the whole road because of this and the cars. All of the houses on this street have driveways why are they allowed to park here?
  • George St Middletown, CT - Middletown

    Taking a left on to George Street from the Knoll Crest driveway is unsafe.

    People drive dangerously fast on George Street and the line of sight from the driveway is incredibly bad. The intersection becomes completely blind when snow banks form on the sides of the road. There needs to be a stop sign at this intersection to protect the 100+ residents of Knoll Crest.

  • 100-190 Basswood Dr Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    I have lived in this area for 20+ years now and the corner of Basswood Drive just seems to be getting more and more dangerous. There are so many kids that live in this area that I'm surprised that no one has gotten injured yet. The speed limit clear states 25 mph and children at play yet cars go 40 mph and drive on the wrong side of the road going into the corner. I have almost been hit numerous times from cars on the wrong side of the road. Have a cop sit right at the pine tree on the corner and it's a guarantee that @#$% get multiple speeders. It's definitely not a safe area for little kids who are just learning to ride their bike or play with a ball.
  • 84-120 Glenwood Terrace Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    This road was repaved a few years ago and then underwent
    sewer work . It is now a as bad as roller-coaster
  • 238-262 Pearl St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    cars are speeding and getting air
  • Other Archived
    2-298 Hawks Nest Circle Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Road not plowed