Old Aragona Village

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Watching issues created after: 2018-12-05

This is the area covering the original Aragona Village. Outer lying areas are new Aragona Village.

Notified About

  • 508 Rose Marie Ave Virginia Beach 23462 United States - Northwest
    Recycling not picked up for the street.
  • Yard Waste Archived
    4753 Quinwood Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    yard waste placed on and in front of sewer falls into sewer quite often as I know because I have pulled it out of the sewer several times in the past.
  • 4928 Broad St Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Northwest
    stop sign is blocked by the tree. this is the sign at rose marie and broad heading eastbound
  • 4800 Overman Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    The concrete has eroded off the edge of the metal storm drain. We had an officer attempt to park in front of 4800 Overman and the corner of the metal storm drain cut the tires' sidewall. While changing the tire the resident stated they have had at least 6 of their friends have blown tires after catching the corner of the drain.
  • Street Light Archived
    716 Lynch Ln Virginia Beach 23455, United States - Northwest
    I come home at 11pm and the light in front of my house is rarely on, photocell May need replaced. The next one on the street does the same. At location 717 Lynch ln.
  • 4800-4802 N Witchduck Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Adding to work list. Storm drain visibly half clogged. Thanks for your hard work preventing flooding in VB.
  • 921 Aragona Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    extremely high grass visible from the street
  • 5028 Westgrove Road Virginia Beach 23455 United States - Northwest
    Pond and other various items
  • 4965 Clover St virginia beach, VA - Northwest
    Tree overgrown on power line caused surge and blew my ac unit. Have already requested the city to cut it once and they trimmed it and then left it sitting in my yard. Half of the tree is hanging on the powerline and it needs to be cut.
  • 653 Bottino Ln Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
  • Pothole Archived
    Floral St Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    many potholes all along Floral St between Rose Marie & Kellam Rd
  • Street Light Archived
    912 Holladay Lane Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    This light was addressed some time ago by Dominion, but the light was never fixed.