21 Y Peralta Hacienda Neighborhood

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21Y Peralta Hacienda Neighborhood
Police Beat 21Y

Notified About

  • 3451 Davis Street Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    Mattresses and garbage
  • Illega dumping Acknowledged
    3430 Davis Street Oakland, CA - Peralta-Hacienda
    Clothes trash furniture
  • 3159 Lynde Street Oakland, California - Patten
  • Graffiti Archived
    2701 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, California - Sausal Creek
    CODE ENFORCEMENT: Graffiti on vacant building
  • 3004 Brookdale Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - School
    Moving out dumping?
  • Other: Trees Archived
    3007 Hyde St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Sausal Creek
    Tree from Sausal Creek is heavily leaning on power lines to two houses and looks as if it will fall any minute. I'm afraid this is a fire hazard. Two neighbors have placed calls to the city with no response yet.
  • 2922-2998 Capp St Oakland, California - School
    Assorted household junk
  • 3232 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, California - Patten
    Two "BigBelly" trash cans on the sidewalk east side of Foothill Blvd., in front of Walgreens, seem to be always full. The trucks that empty other street trash cans ignore these two. Dirty and ugly with trash spilling out. It has 'sponsored by jeanquan.org' painted on the side. Please put these cans on the emptying schedule. Thank you.
  • Hyde St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    abandoned motorcycle - been here 2 weejs
  • Under 580 Freeway At Maple Oakland, CA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    A sofá and a love seat dumped underneath 580 freeway - also lots of cardboard boxes.
  • Other Archived
    Hyde St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    Vandalism on Center for History & Community. 2488 Coolidge Ave Oakland CA 94601. Windows were broken.
  • 3020 Brookdale Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - School
    Assorted trash