21 Y Peralta Hacienda Neighborhood

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21Y Peralta Hacienda Neighborhood
Police Beat 21Y

Notified About

  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3277 Prentiss St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Patten
    Potholes mid street
  • 3003 School St Oakland, California - School
    Discarded couch
  • 3385 Arkansas St Oakland, California - Laurel
    Wall collspsed and is blocking creek. Portland cement contaminating waterway
  • 3042 Nicol Avenue Oakland, CA 94602, USA - School
    Illegal dumping
  • Dumping Archived
    Galindo Street Oakland, California - Peralta-Hacienda
    Sofa dump and trash
  • 2645 Prentiss Place Oakland, CA - Patten
    Mattresses and other junk
  • Couch Archived
    3441-3449 Davis St Oakland, California - Peralta-Hacienda
  • 3026-3030 Coolidge Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    I have seen residents of the building on the corner of Nicol and Coolidge use this garbage can as their personal garbage receptacle. It's is constantly overflowing into the sidewalk, and frequently there are large bags of trash next to the street (public) garbage can at the corner.
  • 2701 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Sausal Creek
    Bags of trash and mattresses in front of newly created mural on East 27th Ave and Fruitvale Ave
  • 2751 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland, California - Sausal Creek
    4 AC bus lines stop at the corner of Lynde and Fruitvale southbound, but unlike every other bus stop Sausal Creek, this one lacks a trash can, leading to litter on the sidewalk and in nearby yards. Please replace the trash can.
  • Park Maintenance Acknowledged
    Peralta Hacienda Historical 34th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601, United States of America - Peralta-Hacienda
    Green waste bags by creek.
  • 3030 School St Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    A 34 foot strip of the center of School Street from 3030 School to 3438 School has 8 potholes large and small ones where there has been prior repairs.