Passyunk Square

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Passyunk Square

6th to Broad Streets and
Washington Avenue to Tasker Street

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  • 1106 Annin St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    We can't pull out from Annin Street onto 11th safely because there are cars parked too close to the intersection. We don't want to get hit or hit someone! There is no signage here. Police or PPA won't regularly ticket even though law says no parking and within 20' of an intersection. Neighbors keep calling the police and no one is address this. Can some signs and yellow painted curbs be added here? This is a chronic issue due to people going to Riccis for food on the opposite corner.
  • 724 Reed St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Graffiti tags have been painted on the new stainless steel garage door at the Southwest corner of Reed and S Franklin. They've been there for a few months. Originally filed here with wrong address: Re Neighborhood Services Ticket #1748276
  • 9th And Federal Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    I hurried past a bunch of stinking, fly-infested trash bags on Monday, July 4th (trash day this week is Friday, July 8) at the Southeast corner of 9th and Federal, just outside Lalupe Mexican restaurant.

    Dunno if these belong to the restaurant or a resident, but I hope they don't sit around for the whole week.

  • 1118 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Over 9 months ago just before a snow storm, there was illegal dumping in the middle of the west side of the sidewalk on 12th between Washington and Alter Streets. (next to the abandoned portable gas company) The SeeClickFix issue was ack'd by 311, then archived. A second ticket was also opened, ack'd, archived. Now, what used to be a two foot high pile of paper is glued across the entire sidewalk with miscellaneous other debris. This is a daily path for very young children to get to school, and workers to get to work. It is a tripping hazard, and who knows what construction chemicals the children are bringing into their school or homes on their shoes. Can this needs to be swept/scraped up by the city?
  • Sinkhole Archived
    1100 1142 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    There's a big sinkhole in the parking lane on the East side of the street. It's so far been stuffed with 5-gallon buckets and several orange cones. Seems rather hazardous.
  • 1600 Block Of Watts Street Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    There is graffitti on several properties of the 1600 block of South Watts. Please have it removed. Thanks!
  • 1134 S 9th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Illegal dumping on sidewalk of 9th and Ellsworth. Trash, beer bottles, etc...Trash has been on the corner for several days...was hoping it would've been picked up during regular collection but was skipped over.
  • Giant pothole Archived
    1300 Block Of Juniper Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
  • 1146 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    SW corners green light not lighting Lightbulb must be out
  • 1323 S Juniper St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    This pothole was patched about 6 weeks ago. Obviously there was no fill put under the surrounding area. Now a much larger sinkhole is forming. Hole is at least ten inches deep and growing larger and deeper each day. Time to repair this area not just dump some patch on top.
  • 1228 Ellsworth St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    City has yet to fix pothole that has existed for many months. Residents continue to risk their tires driving over the hole and the remnants of rubble from the previous attempt to fix the hole. Promised to fix in three days but no one has come out to contend with the issue.

    Still not fixed 3 WEEK LATER!!

  • 1601 S 11 Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    traffic signal heading north on 11th is stuck on red, whilst tasker heading west has green - been like this all day. Besides the annoying honking on 11th all day, it's a tbone accident waiting to happen as annoyed people finally give up on the red light and screech north whilst folks on tasker think they have the green.