Passyunk Square

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Passyunk Square

6th to Broad Streets and
Washington Avenue to Tasker Street

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  • new grafitti Archived
    707 Tasker Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Passyunk Square
    Recent tag (maybe the last 48-72 hours). Building tenant is Nu Era Automotive, on SE corner of Tasker and Beulah. Tag is on the Beulah street side of the building.
  • 1250-1298 Wharton St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Abandoned Volvo
  • South Street Between 12th And 13th Sts Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Constant trash on this block. Trash cans full of trash that the trash collectors forget to remove that sit on this block all week. Also, trash that is thrown out next to the Big Belly Trash cans on both sides of this block. See photo
  • 719 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    These oil drums have been in the street in front of this garage for at least five years. In addition to being an eyesore they are full of trash including dog poop bags which stink.
  • 1154 South 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Multiple copies of the same tag in three paint colors over the weekend, 12th street, just north of Wharton. Two on red wall of building on corner, one on wood construction fence across from Jackson school.
  • 848 Wharton St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    1305 S 9th St is listed on the 9th street side of the building but this does not appear on the OPA property website, the address for the building is 848 Wharton. There is a broken second floor window where glass has fallen out of to the sidwalk in the past. Graffiti on outside of building. Rotting frame for roll down door.
  • 1139 S. 8th Street Philadelphia, Pa - Passyunk Square

    This property has been vacant for years. Windows are in violation of no boarding up law. Side door has been open inviting anyone who wishes to enter. Unsightly, dangerous, and ignored. All too common. JP Morgan bank owns this property. They should pay a bit more attention to it. This is our neighborhood!

    Reported from my mobile device

  • S 13th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    The southern most park benches on the west side of Columbus Sq Park (btwen Wharton and Reed) were tagged with graffiti recently.
  • 1155 South 8th Street Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    There is also graphitti on this corner proeprty on the Federal Street side. There has been a violation placed on 1156 South 8th for not having would be great if we could get the same violation here.
  • 1300 Block Of Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Two sandwich boards announcing a furniture sale were fully blocking the bike lane today. Two days ago when I passed by there were also cars double-parked in the bike lane, and I flagged down a police car to let them know and ask them to enforce the bike lane. They seemed mildly interested, but they clearly didn't really scare these guys into changing their behavior.
  • Dickinson And S. Watts Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    The apartment building, 1443 S. Broad, places trash outside every day. There is no dumpster. Every week it is strewn everywhere; when the sanitation truck comes, they can't get everything because the bags are broken. This has been going on for several years.
  • 12th St & Ellsworth St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    This tag has popped up all over the neighborhood in the past few weeks. Numerous other SeeClickFix posts and photos of it.