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  • 6290 Leafy Screen Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    storm drain on his property on the Sandchain side is not draining properly
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    7248 Riding Hood Cir Columbia, MD - Columbia
    From the tornado yesterday, we have several trees down. First on the island in the Riding Hood Circle cul-de-sac, there are large tree branches down from the trees. Second, some large trees fell behind our home. One in particular fell and crosses our property and that of our neighbors on each side of our house. It is also blocking the path behind our house to Lake Elkhorn. Can the county help us with removing these downed trees and large limbs?
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    5456 Endicott Ln Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    Very large tree limb has fallen from a county tree near the mailboxes. To heavy to move.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    5154 Phantom Court Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    This tree fell and blocks the sidewalk and part of the road. The property is vacant and in foreclosure and the tree was located in the county right of way, very near the street.
  • Pothole Open
    Hickory Ridge Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    Pothole and degraded pavement on Hickory Ridge Road at entrance to Howard Community College
  • Martin Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    The directional arrow sign pole is bent. Needs to repaired or replaced. The actual sign is fine
  • 10311 College Sq Columbia 21044, United States - Columbia
    Clogged storm drain Hickory Ridge Road at BGE easement. Large puddle forming
  • Cedar Ln & Owen Brown Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    Pedestrian 'walk' signal call button appears to be stuck in the on position, counting down when no pedestrians are there. This results in traffic in all directions being stopped for no reason, at every signal change.
  • Sidewalk Concern Acknowledged
    Empty Song Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    There is uneven sidewalk some of the blocks are 2 inches off. Empty Song Road near River Run. Both sides of of the street are becoming in bad shape. Please inspect to be repaired.
  • 10367 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    I have noticed this numerous times within the past 2 weeks, and today it happened to me. When on Little Patuxent Pkwy heading west, at the intersection marked on the map, there are 3 lanes - the right two continue straight, and the left one is for turning only. Since the repaving of the roads, it seems drivers do not realize that the left-most lane does not continue straight. Therefore, the situation occurs where you have 3 lanes of traffic that falsely dwindle to 2 after the intersection. I nearly avoided an accident this morning, as a driver drove straight from the turning lane, nearly sideswiping me. Could you please have a left turn arrow painted on the asphalt? This will alert drivers of the traffic pattern. I have witnessed this same situation at the intersection of Little Patuxent and South Entrance road.
  • 10401 Fair Oaks Drive Simpsonville, MD 21044, United States of America - Columbia
    Storm Drain at the bottom of fair oaks is clogged during heavy rain and will cover the entire street
  • Pothole Archived
    Martin Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Large pothole in the roadway.