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If this is an emergency please call 911! Do NOT report emergencies here! The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), an Accredited Agency, is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting about 500 square miles and nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

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  • 14658 14698 Jaystone Dr Colesville, MD 20905, USA - Colesville

    Carona Drive is nearly a mile long. It is also heavily used for jogging, walking, bike riding, and other outdoor activities.

    For the whole length there is one stop sign. A recent study proves that average speed is 15 mph over the speed limit.

    Cars traveling 50 mph are not uncommon.

    Carona Drive should be redesigned to reduce speed. Circles at each intersection, narrow the road, add lines, speed bumps or rumble strips, white lines to buffer traffic from the sides especially where there are no side walks on either side.

  • 12825 Valleywood Drive Silver Spring, MD 20906 - Greater Glenmont
    Not one thing has been done about this house. It still stands burned through the roof and trash is collecting in the yard.
    About 6 months ago, the house at 12825 Valleywood Drive burned. It is a total loss and is posted as condemned. Neighbors believe a bank owns the property. It is time to get this eyesore cleaned up. The house will need to be razed -- which is a start. An empty lot which a mowed lawn is better than a burned out shell. The front door of the house is now sitting open. The property is a mess. It is an open invitation to rats and more. There may be standing water in the basement which will become a mosquito farm very quickly. Let's get this cleaned up.
  • Aspen Hill Road/ Connecticut Ave Rockville, MD - Aspen Hill
    When leaving the Aspen Hill Shopping Center, leaving from the Giant exit onto Aspen Hill Road, something is very wrong with this exit. The left exit lane is forced to cross over the entrance lane and it leaves a cluster f*&% of cars confused and chaotic in the middle of the road. Considering they just put this in, there it is totally disfunctional and weird. Driving thru this shopping center is hard enough already, no need to create obsticles for everyone!!!
  • 12716 Hathaway Drive Silver Spring, MD - Greater Glenmont

    The county's tree in the island that divides Hathaway drive regularly strikes the power lines here!

    (about two hours later) And the power line is down, now!

  • 3261 Automobile Boulevard Silver Spring, Maryland - Fairland
    Northbound Automobile Blvd. at Briggs Chaney Rd signs that show which lane to turn from are not lined up with the lanes. So it looks like you can go straight from the left lane. People are constantly going straight from the left lane and almost hitting people turning left onto westbound Briggs Chaney Rd. from the right lane.
  • Colesville Road And East-West Highway Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    The timing of the cross signals at this VERY BUSY intersection had been working. Now -- after the huge storms with power losses every few days -- it's barely possible to cross the street if one is waiting to cross, much less if one is running to catch the crossing. Also, cars ALWAYS run the red lights and/or get stuck in the intersection. Fine, that's what they do, but it's now a serious safety hazard. There have been light cycles in which NO ONE can cross because the cars are rushing through the intersection and crosswalks for the ENTIRE TIME the walk and countdown signs are active. When the time to cross the road is less than fifteen seconds, the cars pushing through the intersection easily prevent any pedestrians from crossing at all. The roads have deep ruts, there are many families with young children and strollers (especially with the Metro station), and cars do not seem to notice a large group including children trying to cross the street without falling and/or being hit.
    (Cars is used to refer to cars, vans, trucks, and buses for this purpose.)
  • I-495 Outer Loop Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    Specific location: I-495 outer loop before River Rd and after the Bradley Blvd overpass:

    Until a year or so ago, tehre was a sign on the left side of the 5 lane road noting "No Trucks/Vehicles over 5T in Left Lane". At some point, the sign itself vanished but the metal pole still remains affixed to the jersey wall/median barrier.

    Can this sign be replaced?

  • Ethan Allen St. Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park
    This is absolutely, without a doubt, the worst road I have ever driven on. It is well traveled, and it might as well be in the third world, the appalling state it is in. PLEASE FIX THIS HEINOUS STREET.
  • Veirs Mill Rd Silver Spring, MD - North Kensington

    There are a couple of pedestrian crossings on this section of Veirs Mill Rd. that are hard to see at night and cars (even during daytime) seldom stop. Cars drive at >40mph here and even if you try to stop for pedestrians traffic continues to move around. One time I almost got rear ended for stopping to let a pedestrian cross.

    These crossings should have either traffic lights, or blinking warning lights (similar to other crossings further West on Veirs Mill).

  • 9701 Fields Rd Gaithersburg, MD - US Congressional District MD8
    There is a crosswalk from Rio to the Oakwood condos. Currently there is a Yield to Pedestians sign there. It is virtually useless and very misleading causing great danger. There must be a stop sign there, a real, full stop at all times sign.
  • Philadelphia & Cedar Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park
    Police Dept continues to promote pedestrian "safety" by putting a distracting speed radar sign off to the right just when drivers are curving left over a pedestrian walkway from the library. This draws drivers' eyes away at the exact moment they need to be paying attention to pedestrians in the street. I have attempted to contact the police dept about this but the online form was broken. The sign comes and goes over the past couple of months -- needs to be moved to a smarter location!!
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    12404 Denley Rd Silver Spring, MD - Greater Glenmont
    There is trash and other garbage next to the electric box. I believe I saw carpet as well. Can we get this cleaned up ?