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If this is an emergency please call 911! Do NOT report emergencies here! The Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), an Accredited Agency, is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting about 500 square miles and nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction.

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  • Two potholes Archived
    6116 Swansea Street Bethesda, MD 20817, USA - Bethesda
    About 3"deep and at least 1' across
  • Great Seneca Highway Germantown, MD - Germantown
    I gave up on this issue after writing a letter to the Gazette that was published, and to my state senator.
    Basically, the lanes were still grooved, and looked as if they still needed some major prep before blacktop was put over the grooves, and the project was deemed "finished." At first I kept thinking it was an unfinished project. If they were supposed to come bac to finish it, they forgot. A couple of years ago. I challenge you to drive on Great Seneca Hwy and show me another road like it anywhere. Only road I've ever driven on like it.
  • 4950 Elm Street Montgomery County, MD - Bethesda
    On 26 JUN 2013, I was legally parked in the Bethesda Row parking garage to go out for dinner with friends. We parked and paid the meter with coins for the 2 hr limit. After dinner (which lasted less than 2 hours), we returned to our car and drove home. There was no parking ticket left on our vehicle and there was time remaining on the meter. So, I was shocked to find that 3 weeks later we receive a notice in the mail for an overdue parking fine of $70 ($45 + $25 for the late fee). I tried to call the number on the notice, but was told that because of the timing (greater than 15 days from the date of the penalty), our only option was to pay the fine and contest the ticket in person. However, I am an Army surgeon who has been reassigned and am preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and have no time to report back to Bethesda in person to contest this ticket. I asked kindly to speak with the manager, knowing that the person who answers the phone has no power to help with these issues. I was told that I had to leave my cell phone number and would get a call eventually but that it was imperative that I pay the fine as soon as possible. I'm not contesting this ticket because of the fine (as I can easily pay this). The issue is the predatory policy that is in place whereby motorists are not given a ticket, there is no proof that a ticket was placed on my vehicle, and there is no way to contest the ticket by email or letter without paying the increased fine first. There are many many military personnel who live in the DC/MD metropolitan area who are relocating constantly. How are we expected to comply with such policies?
  • Ethan Allen St. Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park
    This is absolutely, without a doubt, the worst road I have ever driven on. It is well traveled, and it might as well be in the third world, the appalling state it is in. PLEASE FIX THIS HEINOUS STREET.
  • 7500 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    Entering the Bethesda Metro station this time of year is like descending through the levels of @#$%. Following the tradition started last summer, the only air circulation on the Metro platform seems to be when a new train arrives or departs.

    Previously, you could get some relief by standing next to one of the large brown pylons, but those ancient relics seem to be deader than the escalators. (At least a broken escalator is still a functioning staircase).

  • Garland Ave. Takoma Park, MD - Silver Spring
    Garland Ave. between Piney Branch and Carroll Ave. is in abominable condition. It is extremely rough from poor pothole repairs, has large potholes, and due to the parking along the street is so narrow it is difficult to avoid the hazardous potholes. Additionally, the visibility at some of the turns on this street is nonexistant. At Hudson Ave. for instance, bamboo blocks ones ability to see if one can make the turn safely.
  • 1645-1699 East Jefferson Street Rockville, MD - Rockville

    Edit: This has been "fixed" twice now, by dumping more patching asphalt into the holes. When is this going to be fixed properly and not just given a band-aid? 2 weeks ago a deep pothole formed at the edge of a fix and I watched a motorcyclist nearly wreck after driving into it. The whole section needs to be cut out and repaved - not just patched. There is too much bus traffic here for that to work.

    2 dangerously large potholes from a failed repair right here. Just watched a car bottom out and drag its undercarriage here.

  • E Jefferson St Rockville, MD - Rockville
    There's a dangerous pothole in the rightmost eastbound lane. We got two flat tires and a bent rim from it last night, and while waiting for the tow truck saw two more crippled cars have to pull over with flat tires. This can't be a new issue given the size of the pothole (square-ish, roughly 2' by 1' and filled with water making it invisible last night). Must be fixed immediately.
  • Willard Ave At The Hills Plaza Chevy Chase, MD - Bethesda
    Please install a stop sign on Willard Ave. at the intersection with The Hills Plaza. It's a busy pedestrian crosswalk, and many cars zoom by without stopping.
  • 912 Thayer Ave Silver Spring MD 20910 - Silver Spring
    Pot holes in the middle of the street! This is an area with a lot of people walking across the street to the Safeway I have almost stepped in it walking across the street. And it kills my car when I forget it is there and drive over it.
  • 7901-7979 Sligo Creek Pkwy Takoma Park, MD 20912, USA, Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park
    The street lights on Carroll Avenue as it crosses Sligo Creek are on during daylight hours. This wastes electricity and taxpayer money. It exacerbates global warming in a community that cares about the environment.
  • Pothole Open
    Colston Pl And Colston Drive Chevy Chase, MD - Silver Spring
    At the intersection of colston drive and colston place there is a pothole that is constantly filled with water. There is another pothole at the intersection of colston place and blaine drive, however this one does not accumulate water.